In Case you Missed it -- Terrence Toliver

He's better, and contributing more, than some, or maybe many, of us have noticed:

Playing with Tasker, Fantuz and Banks will teach you that.

Having Zac back to pass the ball around just brings it out that much more.

You got it Creeker, Mixing it up, keeps them wondering who's receiving, there's more than just one receiver.
Sometimes they put it on one (same) receiver, burning him out. We have lots of great receivers, baffle them. :thup:

"That's 6 foot 6 of goodness right there!"

Matt Dunigan referring to Terrence Toliver after his TD catch against the BC Lions on Saturday August 13th, 2016.

That Toliver TD was the most embarrassing play of the game. Watch the replay, the Riders were IN COVER 2!! There's no way in hell that anyone should be able to complete a deep post against cover 2, it's exactly what cover 2 is designed to stop.

Just goes to show how bad a secondary that Jones has put together. The playcall was right, the execution was non-existent. Ed Gainey's not a bad player, but when he's your BEST dude back there you have a problem.

Now if Jones had only cut TWO of Terrell Maze, Weldon Brown, Tyree Hollins and Macho Harris instead of ALL FOUR, that TD never would have happened. Instead he's wide open between 2 safeties a mile apart and since the front 7 gets next to no pressure (again Jones cut Chick and replaced him with a tight end) Zach sees him easily and boom.

Sask turned the ball over 3 times in the first half and the Cats scored 7 points off those turnovers. :confused: Hamilton left a TON on the field. It's should have been 73-7.

I would like to see Sinkfield back with the Cats as a true deep threat. I wish him well with the Vikes but if he becomes available, I hope we jump at the chance to add him to our powerful receiving corps( or corpse if you're a Matt Dunigan fan). :stuck_out_tongue:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

While I would love to see Sinkfield back, I have no idea who he would replace. Kind of a similar problem that led us to release Ellingson a couple of years ago when, ironically, Sinkfield had replaced him after his injury.

Extra incentive to wish TS the best of luck in Minnesota. We don't want him to become the next Ellingson in the CFL. :wink:

My speed/salary/age calculator says that if Sinkfield came back, Owens would be the odd man out.

How do you sit Owens after the year he’s had so far? I would consider starting Revenberg at guard & moving Bomben out to tackle & sit Watts. Or possibly moving Stephen to corner & starting Daly at safety. A distant third option would be to start Woodson at RB with Timmis to back up, but I wouldn’t sit CJ as my first choice.

No Kidding...

BTW, your signature is probably the most "telling" of how you really feel. :wink:

Lets not have any brainy thoughts after plating the Riders.

Lets see what we do with the Stamps on Sunday, and then a few Divisional Games that we very literally "MUST WIN" after that.

One by one, game by game, I admit all of that, and different strategies against the different teams, but the next three weeks are going to decide our world...

Hah, you have no idea. :stuck_out_tongue: Ok maybe you do, you survived the Rob Katz era, but at least Katz wasn't a jackass, just in over his head.

See you at Grey Cup. I'm booked. :rockin: