In case some of you forgot....

Eskimos will DESTROY the stamps this year!

I hope your son will get past his fear of going to a football game.When you can go and enjoy yourself its a great time for all.I know this comming season I will have to deal with a few idiots at he rider home games as I will be working security at them.

Only Stamp fan left on the forum? I guess CanucKev, Eskylo(he usually doesn't come around until the season starts), aren't Stampeder fans? Enjoy the one year wonder R&W... :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, I see now that your favorite player is now a BC Lion... I'm sure you having a few beers to lament the loss of Bannister.... :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Bannister left? NOOOOOOOO!!! :frowning: :lol:

Yes he is and we're quite happy about it!

This type of stuff happens in every stadium in every city. I'm sorry that your experience at McMahon was such a bad one, but that's not because it was at McMahon. I've had season's tickets for the Stamps for 7 years now (going on 8) and I've never seen anyone spit on someone else. I've also never seen any altercations in a section other than the cheap endzone sections (where most rival fans sit and get drunk), and even then, only when the Riders or Eskimos are in town.

I've gone to games in Edmonton where I've had stuff thrown at me because I was cheering for the Stamps. I've also had a fan yell at me, "how do you like that, bitch?" after the eskimos picked of a pass (again, just because I stood and cheered when we picked off a pass the series before). When I was 14 or 15, a "fan" who was probably in his 40's grabbed me by the shirt and held me up because I had been shouting "go Stamps go" while walking past him. And at the Grey Cup in Montreal, some idiot behind me was yelling at me to sit down during the Stamps' player introductions because he paid a lot of f'ing money for his ticket and he wanted to watch the f'ing game. Never mind that the game was still 10 minutes away from starting, I was just standing to cheer on the Stamps as they came out, and I'd never do anything to intentionally block anyone's view during a game ...

Perhaps you should consider the alcohol-free Family Section that McMahon (and probably every other stadium) has.


.....hahahaha, yesssssss, this is the kind of ruckus we need right now, bring it on more...

...canmorefan, as CanucKev noted that was a crappy thing to have happen, and I hope your son puts it out of his memory one day, but your attitude displayed here is no different really, all your venomous hater comments do is fuel the fire....instead of seeing that one bad apple was the cause you paint the entire stadium with one brush, that is wrong, but hey, you feel the way you like, I'm not telling you not to, only to stay home with a piss-poor attitude like that....

...WHAT?!?!....holey moley break out the tequila!!!....

First thing Bannister did when he arrived was tell us all of Henry's secrets. Watch out R&W, we're comming! :wink: :wink: :lol: :lol:

It’s still hard to believe Calgary won the Cup. They were the favourite wipping boy of the Lions for years. I think the Stamps had the stars aligned and just lucked out. But their bubble will probably burst this season and they will come back to reality and occupy their usual placement near the middle-bottom of the Western conference. :cowboy:

Speaking of whipping... didn't the Stamps take that series 3-zip? That's gotta sting a little. :smiley:

At least in 2008 the team who won was actually the best team in the league.

Still bitter about 2007… time to let it go… :cowboy:

We shit the bed in the West Final, but there are still 2 teams that year who were better than the Riders. If Glenn didn't break his arm the week before, the result would have been very, very different.

:lol: Lotta ifs and buts, but they don't mean squat.

This is true. But I can still take comfort in the fact we have won 5 Grey Cups. :smiley:
Lions in 2009!!!

Oh I hear Ya. That's why all 8 teams are lining up to pour triple figure contracts at Glenn, since he was one bad injury away from being Grey Cup M.V.P. And next year at this time you will tell us why you lost the West again last year, lets see, I guess because the wind came up on the last hale mary, OR ELSE. Stamps and Esks will be the power of the West this year, and your Kitty Cats will probably not even be able to beat out the rookie Q.B.ed Riders for the last spot in the West. Esks won 5 cups IN A ROW, so your 5 in a century or so is nothing to gloat about.

IMHO, the team that wins the Grey Cup is the best team in the league, no matter what the year, or the regular season record.

granted we dont know how the draft will afftect with the teams yet, if you went from the stats sheets and where the teams are right now, on paper, i feel that it will be stamps and montreal in the cup again this year. im a stamps fan, but im not taking away form edmonton. im not sure who the second team in the west will be. it seems bc and edmonton are going to be dealing with a lot of new faces and eskies with a new coach, its hard to say if they will be able to mesh all the talent they have. i feel even though riders lost players, they will be second in the west once again. but im just speculating for fun. stamps for three in a row grey cups...

If you wish to talk trash, try a little history first k? The BC Lions haven't been around for a century. The Lions started playing in 1954 which would average us a Grey Cup roughly every 10 years. Not great but I think us Lions fans will survive. The Stamps and Eskies will both be great teams this year and I think the west division will be as close as it was last year.

Are you saying that Dinwiddie did a better job than Glenn would have? I seriously doubt that. Also perhaps the reason people aren't lining up for Glenn is that every team has at least 1 QB locked up? I think he may likely end up in Montreal as a very capable backup to AC.

Try to relax a little ok? My comment about winning 5 Grey Cups was a joke. It isn't anything amazing to brag about but I'm still happy we've won that many and I've been lucky enough to see two of them in person.