In Canada you can kick people in the head.....

Interesting contrast with the way the CFL and NFL are handling (or didn't) kicks to head. Haynesworth of the Titans has been vilified in the media and is sure to see a lengthy suspension. He and his coach have gone out of there way to apologize, no doubt to do damage control on the pending suspension and fine. Now Gass of the Eskies not only does the stomp on Ralph but declares in the media that he is going to get him next game. Is there any wonder the CFL just floats along in a sea of mediocrity - no leadership.

Please we can hardly compare the two incidents. let it go

Must somebody suffer serious injury in the CFL before proper action is taken to protect players from manslaughter attempts?

Whether injury results or not, that crap must be dealt with severely, both for the protection of players and the integrity of the league.

To think otherwise suggests foolish immaturity.

Laughinghard you have to have a filter a way to distinguish between the two incidents. Both are bad and both have no place in sports but they are two completely different occurences. one has a man stomping on a guys face with his helmet off with intent to hurt the guy and causing the player to get stiches. the other has a guy reacting to a cheap shot and kicking a guy in the helmet. still bad but hardly the same. see its foolish and unintelligent to want to charge the man who drove drunk and the man who drove drunk and killed another driver the same way. but you probably couldnt grasp that.

So, a driver is permitted to drive drunk repeatedly until that same driver kills somebody? No bud, I don't grasp such an immature thought. Jail him for I don't care to be the one that ends up getting laid on the slab in the morgue.

Punish the crime! Don't relent on the punishment because the idiot received no gratification from the crime.

Your argument is laughable.

see its foolish and unintelligent to want to charge the man who drove drunk and the man who drove drunk and killed another driver the same way
Probably one of the stupidest comments I've read on this site.

Lets see - instead of a stomp or kick lets say both players fired a gun. So the CFL guy (Gass) missess but says he will get him next game...and its ok. Its all so Canadian...lets pretend it didnt happen, its why we tolerate bad refs, bad politicians and on and on and on.........

My friend, did you see the incident in the NFL? If so you would know that the player on the ground had lost his helmut and the other guy stomped his face…twice…Give me a break, try engaging your brain (or your eyes) before spouting this nonsense.

Guys, there absolutely is a distinction made in law depending on the results of your action. If you punch a guy and he walks away it's assault; if he somehow dies from it it's manslaughter. If you shoot someone but don't kill them it's only "attempted" murder. And if you're pulled over for driving drunk the punishment is less severe than if you've actually killed someone.


Give me a break. On a football field when a player has a helmut vs. a player whose helmut is off? Aside from that what the "h" does "the law" have to do with it? I'm not defending Gass, just pointing out that the comparison is absurd....



Not that I really want to jump into this but why do you consider the comment so stupid?
In your opinion should a person stopped for strictly drunk driving receive the same charge as the guy who killed someone while driving drunk?

One man took a life and the other didn't but you think they should receive the same punishment?

If I fire a weapon at the moon should I get the same charge as a man who fires a weapon at another human?

Gass may be a fool and a dirt bag but Haynesworth knowing full well a mans helmet had come off laid more than one boot to a mans head, I could be wrong but damn I'd like to think not even Gass would be that big of a dick.



And , the retaliation was to kill him the next time he came across the middle.
Perfectly legal....on a football field.

What happened yesterday was totally different.

In case anyone hasn't seen the incident from yesterday here's a link - it's near the end of the clip.

Just FYI - Hayneswoth got five games from the NFL.

cant help but to laugh at the irony of this statement. tool

A cheap shot ? That hit by Ralph on the Edmonton player wouldnt of hurt my Grandmother . He didnt even react to the hit only Gass did . He is King of the cheap shots .

Yet you dont want to talk about the cheap shot on the Ticat returner at the end of the first half . THAT was a cheap shot and could of seriously injured him . He got a 15 yd. penalty that was DECLINED so his team didnt suffer at all becuase of it . Like I have said before Newworld , you seem to come on here just to antagonize Cat fans and never have anything positive to say about the Ticats .

The tolerance for such despicable dangerous acts during a GAME need not only satisfy the ignorant softness of criminal law. The league, in a better attempt to protect it's members and it's own integrity best have a higher standard.

IOW, because the law is an as$, is no reason for everyone else to be permitted to be an as$.

what are you talking about with this post. antagonize? i just said you cant compare the two. i have never condoned or agreed with what gass did. i just have perspective. im at a loss here. your completely out to lunch habman.

Gass said he was going to get another player . This cannot be tolerated and he should of been suspended .

whatever habman