In bounds or out?

Was the fumbled punt that was recovered by Wpg in bounds or out?

I posted a poll and 2 screen shots here

[url=] ... pic&t=9162[/url]

...the minister of defence (Simpson) says he was in bounds...i'll take his word for it....the refs. did a great job calling that one... :thup:

I guess no pro athlete would ever tell an untruth would he :wink:

Actually one ref was saying in, another said out!

one ref was smart one wasnt

It's clear to all honest unbiased Tiger Cat fans that Simpson was out of bounds, thus creating a dead ball, Hamilton possession, the moment he touched the ball.

All others will need to put on my Tiger Cat/SpongeBob glasses before viewing replays.

:o :o :o :o :o :o

You guys caught us when we were hurting. We caught you guys hurting.

Maybe we should let the league and refs handle this shall we?

they couldnt, the audio wasnt working lol

Good point... you would think they would hae a backup... I smell conspiracy... LOL... :lol:

if you watch the replay to be out of bounds the ball has to touch or be way out and same with a player like you can catch a ball out of bounds and have feet in right and is considered a catch that is same with the fumble. well the ball and simpson were in mid air and you can see that he did not touch out of bounds before it hit him.

he doesn't have possession when the ball crosses the line, so therefore, I say it's OB and the Cat's ball.