In Bed With Buffalo.

So where are all the cheerleaders and bottom smoochers who earlier cried treason and damned Pinball and the Argos as "sell-outs" when they agreed to a partnership now that Young has essentially done the same thing?

Uhhh .... no.... the approach is different:

From the article
"My interest isn't in helping them be successful in Toronto," he (Bob Young) said. "My interest is seeing them be successful in Buffalo."

No sell-out here.

Exactly the point.
Argos didnt sell -out either.
Using the Bills games in a stadium they dont own or control to sell season ticket packages for Argo games.

In other words a promotion.

Sounds like Uncle Bobby was inspired by this: article:

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Anytime a member of the Forbidden Website's BOD get quoted in the New York Times, I'm content.

And following the line that
bwf029 quoted from the article

[i]"My interest isn't in helping them
be successful in Toronto," he (Bob Young) said.

"My interest is seeing them
be successful in Buffalo."[/i]

[Bob] Young said that while
he "had nothing to announce today,"

the marketing plan between
the two teams would be

to encourage fans in each market
to attend the other's games...

may I add..this means encouraging Bills fans
to come to see games at Ivor Wynne Stadium

and encouraging Ticat fans to go
to games at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Helping the Bills stay happy and healthy in Buffalo! Looks more like a "Pre-emptive Strike" than "Sleeping with the Enemy".

Who is the enemy, exactly?

Who is doing the sleeping?


Hellooo, is this thing on?

I was refering to your opening argument accusing Bob Young of selling out! Looked to me like you thought he was crossing over to the perceived enemy (those who want an NFL franchise in Toronto at all cost). Is this not what you trying to say?

Stop kissing and start reading the first post.
Young "sell-out" ?
I said quite the contrary.

Argos and Tiger-Cats are two teams recognizing the reality of the NFL and trying to make the best of it.

The reality being the NFL owns the hearts, minds and eyeballs of lots of sports fans in S. Ontario.

Sorry But Rather Make Trip to Ford Field.
to see the lions then make Trip to Buffalo.

Zontar knows what's happening.

This should make it a bit clearer that the NFL is not coming to Toronto.

Buffalo is solidifying their hold on the southern Ontario market and as long as there is a team in Buffalo, there will not be one in Toronto.

Like I would kiss up to the likes of you.

I don’t blame the Argos, they have no choice, and if the Cats working hand in hand with the Bills keeps them happy in Orchard Park, great.

If you agree then, again, who is "sleeping with the enemy"??

If like many people, one sees an NFL franchise in Toronto as the death knell of the CFL, Godfrey and Rogers would be the ones (sleeping with enemy as such) in this case R. Wilson. The Argos are pretty much along for the ride because of ties to Rogers and the stadium.

I dont see the NFL as a threat or enemy because I don't think it will every happen anyway.

Assume I don't have to defend "pre-emptive strike" as a tactic by Mr. Young.

Not sure what you're getting at. Rogers and Wilson aren't enemies.

Nevertheless, the CFL partnering with the NFL, whether league wide or by single teams, may not be exactly patriotic but its the reality of sports business.

Many see Rogers as "being in bed" with Wilson who is thought of as the enemy in this case. I think he (Wilson)is just a rich old guy trying to make a fast buck and run off with the payroll.

  1. At Wilson's age (and last I heard, health), it had better be a really fast buck and he better not run.

  2. Maybe he is just loading up the inheritance for his kids?

  3. Bob in bed with Buffalo = Buffalo Bob = Howdy-Doody Time. Come to think of it, Bob does sort of look like Howdy-Doody (with glasses). I think it's that irrepressible, ever-present smile.

    Seriously, Bob is smart, he knows what he is doing, and his first priority in this is a stronger Ticat franchise. Won't, and shouldn't, make one iota of difference if it also makes Buffalo stronger.

I would like to see what laughable "package/plan" the Tiger-Cats can conjure up to entice Bills or even football fans in NY to come see a CFL game. THEY DO NOT CARE. We have ties with our Canadian heritage and also follow the NFL. I can't see one reason they would come here, unless the Cats become the Bills new farm team! Ooops, I hope I didn't spill the beans. :wink:

Anyways, once Young actually had dialoge with Bills management, he did realize it's better to be working with than against them. As long as the Bills are in Buffalo, no T.O team. This also includes making the T.O games profitable and viable to "tap" the rich Ontario market. Same boat as the Argos. In fact you could say Ti-Cats are even worse. Judging by Young's early comments, it has a future of a partnership. Argos are just cashing in on a right, that really they have no business being in. Brilliant that they somehow got there noses in and Cats dropped the ball by playing a false loyalty card. Truth always comes out, just a matter of when.

We never played a 'false loyalty card'. In no way are we encouraging fans to see the Bills play in Toronto (which is what the Argos are doing, but that's OK, I'll explain in a sec). We are encouraging the fans to go see the Bills play in Buffalo, in hopes that they will stay there and not come up here. How is that not loyal? We're hoping to ensure the safety of the CFL and the Tiger Cats (and even the Argos) by keeping them down there.

In the Argos case, and in no way do I blame them as their hands are tied, the Bills are coming up here 2x a year, whether they like it or not, so they may as well come along for the ride.

Both are different situations, but both teams have their reasons for doing what they're doing. Is there a 'loyal' or 'disloyal' action between the two? No. The TigerCats are just not willing to encourage the Bills playing up here. We'd rather they stay down there, thank you very much.

As for the Ticat fans who are so content to get on the Argos for their deal with the Bills, give your head a shake. They had no choice. It's good business and it was the right thing for the franchise to do. If you want a team in T.O. to boo mercilessly 5 years from now, the deal had to be done. It's not 'disloyal', it's smart.