In all seriousness, as a comic

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Check out where Sammy says Bittman's last show was :laughing:

" HOW ARE YA " !!! "YA KNOW WHAT I HATE ? " :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I took Bittman's line for the title of my topic because this place is for entertainment too and there might be a chance my post would not be deleted.
What Atkinson says is funny but very serious too. I can only hope the blind and deaf that run this site will take a look. Free speech is not allowed around here unless it parallels the latest social fad. We are not allowed to say ANYTHING that is even slightly contrary to the Leftist thinking. That is called censorship. A whole thread was deleted because it did not conform. Hello Big brother.
I love SCTV. One of the funniest shows ever.

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For me now that football is around the corner and the site can now be about football they need to stop the instigators . Are there more started to the left side of politics or covid talk that agrees with government control I would tend to agree . But all talk must end and not favour one side .

If someone mentions Trump , Trudeau or Biden anyone else they should have it removed immediately .

End all political talk . End all covid talk . The thread started was not about entertainment it was about social issues in Mexico that maybe more cultural ingrained . But not long ago BMO and MLS were doing similar sexual chants so we should look after our own backyard first .

If not they get strong opinions who they may not want to hear from about social issues that are not always so black and white when speaking on special interest groups given preferable treatment based on tags , social media etc.... that drives sales for advertisers .

Eliminate it entirely as a non political entity and it eliminates that divisive element from CFL entertainment .

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No one is violating free speech here. This site does nothing from preventing you from starting your own site where you can spew any hate that you want. :+1:

A perfect example or someone 'Being lead down the garden path' and not even aware of it.
You are not the first to label a differing opinion as hate. It's part of the MO of the Left.

Not all differing of opinion is hate ... but some is ... and, some isn't ... and whether or not it is depends on the specifics of each situation ... "haters" sometimes speak honesty and sometimes spew hate ... no one brush coves all situations even for an individual.