In Absence of Russ?

WPG still running wide. Our D seems to have remembered that from last week

I think you are correct DCF, we need some smartening up on the O Line.

Lets score some offensive points!

2-and-out fro our D

Did Money take a playbook with him when he left town? :o

Two and out for WPG.

We'll have good field position after this. Can Masoli and the offence find ways to stay on the field longer?

Hey, a first down! Tasker looked well-covered, but gains 14!

Our 3 shortest players are doing pretty well tonight (Speedy, Luuuuuuuuuke, and the 2che)

Pass to Owens gains 9, and we get FD on 2nd and 1 that time. WPG offside.

Good to see Masoli show he can run with it, he hasn't done much of that lately, but Dyakowski called for holding.

Nice catch by Fantuz to make it 2nd and 5. But incomplete pass after that.

Punt single make it 8-4 for us.

Would you rather have 1st and 15 or 2nd and 5? At least Masoli threw the ball away instead of taking a sack...

Single for Mahar, 8-4 for us

Aaaaannnnd another WPG penalty has them scrimmaging from their own 5

OK, TSN, the Ticats took the penalty rather than the point. Fix the score please.

Holding call sent back WPG back up to their 5.

Too bad they get FD on 2nd down so they won't be conceding a safety.

That's something he hasn't been doing. It's good to see him avoiding sacks that way.

Start of 2nd quarter. That one big play is the reason we have a lead after one quarter.

Our stats suck.

I don't mind ST's scoring, but I'd like to see more from the O, especially, or even the D chipping in.

It looks like they just did.

WPG gets another FD.

True, can't just live off big plays by STs...


Nevis, that's what we need!

Now that's the defence we want to see.

Nevis sacks Willy!

2nd and 17: Pass to Kohlert does not gain much. They punt.

Can offence at least get into FG range?

Tiquan flagged on the previous play, and can't hold on to the pass...