In Absence of Russ?

Game night!

Cats wanting to erase the memory of last week, stop the bleeding.

Bombers needing that first win, so badly.

Weather? Hot and humid. Wind, not much.

QB's? Masoli needs to get it back, have a game plan and his O-Line protect him.

Drew Willy? Needs something to spark for him tonight, hopefully Dressler and Harris.

Defences under big challenges, both with newbie players in their first games.

Kicking might be the line...Metlock returning, where Hamilton needs to nail it down...

All right?

Lets let it go!

Thanks Creeker, I'm sure he will be along soon. In the mean time, GO CATS !!!




Speedy B takes in all the way!

SPEEDY FREAKIN B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like Medlock forgot a few things over the winter. :smiley:

Thought Medlock would make that 51 yard FG but after not getting good returns last week, great to see Speedy B do what he can do!

What a great way for the first Ticat TD at THF to happen. It was cool seeing Banks split between those to WPG players.

Maher good on convert, and the decision to not outbid WPG for Medlock makes more sense now, right?

As much as I liked Money when he was here. It's nice to see him miss one at THF. Speedy taking it in for the TD is just icing on the cake.

As I am watching in air-conditioned comfort I noticed that the fumble recoverer was guilty of illegal participation. He had flown by Tasker and fell out of bounds. He then came back on the field and picked up the loose ball. If he had not, Tasker would have recovered. The refs blew it big time in missing the call.

The good news? We have Speedy B on our side. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

And another thing: If it were not for the timecount violation (did the WPG holder think Medlock was going to punt?) then maybe Medlock would have made the 46 yard FG?

But WPG has consecutive FDs on this drive so far.

Interesting. I did not notice that.

WPG at our 20 now. Can our D keep them out of our end zone?

D needs to tighten up.

We dodged a bullet there - Pointer was beat bad

Alright, 3rd down forced. They do not respond to that TD with one of their own.

Medlock wasn't going to miss that one.

7-4 for us.

Can our line not block?

Owens gets the YAC to pick up 9, but yardage lost on handoff to Gable.

We're still waiting for our first FD, over ten minutes into this.

Or are we just so obvious when we run the ball that the defence can fill the box?

That's what I was thinking when Gable lost yardage. WPG D seemed to see that coming.