In a year of questions

Really actually just a quick topic to get my posts up a bit. But it always bugs me a little cause i cant fully figure it out.

Why do some football players wear clear visors??

thought about are they like prescription, cut glare somehow, just pure fashion but all those answers just beg more questions.

Stray finger pokes

Also keeps the little rubber bits from the turf out of your eyes.

This might even be the best reason to wear one nowadays, though their use predates rubber-filled artificial grass.

Weston Dressler got poked in the eye by Dwight Anderson a few years ago. I’m mildly surprised that after that, he still doesn’t wear one. I imagine some players might be concerned about them fogging up, or simply not allowing as much ventilation as they’d like.

I recall there was a college QB in the 90s who wore a tinted visor (rather than a clear one) with the primary intention of trying to hide the direction of his gaze, though you’d think the direction of the helmet would be the major giveaway in any case. Drew Tate wears a tinted mask, though I’m not sure if it’s for that reason.

While it was, 20 years ago, and likely may still be, necessary to have a Dr.'s support for the "need" to wear a tinted visor, I have always believed they should not be allowed, and most particularly not allowed for QB's. If defenders can't see the
QB's eyes, he has a definite advantage.

I can see how it would seem like an advantage but i really cant think of many hall of fame or even just really great QB’s that ever wore one, I think it would only be a disadvantage to a qb if it gets fogged up or its raining or just overall being able to see perfectly

Still cant really figure out the clear ones, they wore them before the rubber and they wear them on grass still now. Maybe its the rubber bits but i cant really see the rubber being a huge problem cause it doesnt seem to bother the other 85%(<just a guess) that dont wear one.

Points well taken “Doc.” I’m sure many more than really needed tinted visors have been approved for QBs, supported by team docs, over the years. You’re right, I can’t think of a very successful CFL QB who wore one. The more I think of it, even a clear visor, with the sun or lights reflecting off it, would make it difficult, if not impossible, most often, for defenders to be tipped off by the movement of the QBs eyes. I’m sure the main reason any player, at any position, wears a clear visor is to protect his eyes from fingers, anything that might be on those fingers, and the flying rubber bits from within the turf.

Probably to keep the finger out of they eye, more than anything else.
The penalty you pay is that your perspective is slightly altered, and as a receiver or QB that might be tough.
But its new (and some of us are old) and this is the way sports are going.