In a word...BEER !!!

Just wondering what my fellow CFL fans are paying for the golden brew in their ball park.

Here in da peg, they have seen fit to add 17oz draft to the menu for $6.00. regular bottled beer is still $4.75. I won’t talk about the girllie coolers or hard stuff.

So, let’s have it.
How much of your hard earned cash is going to the “beer girl or guy” for your beer of choice? :smiley:

Cheers !!!

Saskatchewan is $5 for a bottle and 5 bucks for all other drinks.

edmonton 4.75

The Skydome Is The Most From What I Remember From This Topic On The Old Forum. It’s $5.25 For A Small Or Bottle And A 16oz. Large Is $8.75 Although I Think They’ve Rised It This Season. Also I Should Mention That The Only Beers That Are On Tap Are Kieths And Blue.