In 1986 the Cats started 0 and 5..then went on to win the..

This is not 1986, so instead at 0 and 5 we as fans ask ourselves…when is this going to end ???
All I can say is that a team that can not finish drives…has to look at the QB. Maas have improved over the last 2 games…but he did not look sharp in the Peg tonight. Lots of yards but could not finish…one single drive for a TD. 6 field-goals does not cut-it. Dump passes…outlet passes all night long. 341 yards passing…but no TD’s.
The blame can not be all put on Jason…that is for sure. However…Jason has not and continue’s to not…move the Offence to finish drives. Like it or not…that is clear fact. What does this team have to do…I have no idea.
I sure hope Taaffe does…or it’s going to be a long…long year.
Again. :thdn:

i have an idea......start chang

yeah, they did it without Maas as starter…

One thing Taaffe has to do....take some of the blame yourself...he is the leader. All the blame can not be put on the players.

This year's team is a far cry from the 1986 team.

Ben Zambiasi, Grover Covington, Less Browne, Mark Streeter, Rocky DiPietro, Paul Bennett, Bernie Ruoff, Mike Walker and Dale Sanderson.

Enough said.

I don't know if the '86 team started 0-5 or not, but I do know that they had been to the Grey Cup the previous two years and lost. When they got to the Grey Cup game for the third time in a row, they were not to be denied. That's still the most dominant game I've ever seen.