[b]Hi Friends:

I spent alot of time on the new boards that were started immed after Bob Young bought the team in 03...I haven't been around for a while though.

A cpl months ago I started a website dedicated mainly to CFL memorabilia & collectibles.

I have invited other collectors to join the site, and post pieces from their own collections if they wish.

I actually just posted a Tabby related item ( In the Hamilton Tiger-Cats section ) that you fine ppl may be able to help me with. It's an autographed Ti-Cat jersey, and I'm not sure of a cpl of the sigs. If anyone can let me know who a cpl of the sigs belong to I'd be grateful.

Cruise on by, and take a peek. Feel free to join, and post items you own if you'd like. I've posted about 80 pcs from my collection so far.

Along with my CFL stuff there is also a forum for other sports memorabilia, and a forum for any kind of collectible. There is also a Rock & Roll forum where I've submitted a cpl of my band signed guitars, and other R&R stuff. There is also a link in the R&R forum that leads to a Photobucket of mine containing concert photos I've taken.

You will have to join the site to be able to see any links on the site.

You can look at any item on the site without joining though. The site contains no profanity, so it is G-rated. Ppl of any age can view the site.

If you type cflmemorabiliacollectibles in any search engine it will link you to my site. I am also providing a link in this post after my sig.

I am not associated with The Edmonton Eskimos, the CFL, or any of it's member clubs in any way...I'm just a fan. The site is in message board form...But that's only because it was easy to do, and free. It is not intended to be used as a message board. So it is not in competition with these boards, or any other message boards of any kind, anywhere.

I do hope that I have not breached any protocol by posting the link to my site...If I did I apologize, and since my site has no conflict with this one, I ask that the mods here allow the link to stand.

EDIT: P.S. There is a lot of very cool stuff from the 7 defunct American CFL teams of the mid 90s.


...'Return of the Rumbee'.....?....not quite the war cry I'd normally expect from you imsayin....sounds like something Christopher Robin made, you should pop by more often, I miss butting heads with you....peace....

burris sucks...and thats all i got's to say about that

....Burris what?....eats?....yes I'm sure he does, most of us have to daily to ingest the nutrients required to fuel metabolism.....good point corny....

what he said…

[b]LOL...What would I do for fun without the illiterate fans of the Stamps, and Riders ? What the hell is a rumbee...anyway ¿?¿

Unfortunately, I've been busy working, and taking care of my own site to do much surfing on the message boards around the league.

Once the season gets closer, I'm gonna try to do more visiting. As you know...I love head butting, butt heads like yourself :wink:
Imsayin. [/b]


I read that as rumble myself. Still not that great of a slogan though.

....(hearty laughter) Touche, my good fellow, a lesser retort would not have been accepted....I wish you good fortune on your new site and envy the Garcia jersey....if you should perchance wish to part with it I trust you will grant me first right of refusal if such priviledge has not already been bestowed upon of luck towards the EEs '07 campaign....another day my good friend....

He wont be around much redawhite, not if his beloved Rumbles are once again Humbled by everyone in the league.


:lol: Welcome back whosesayin'. Took you awhile to get the courage to come back from the cold (Riders makin' playoffs whilst the City of has beens DID NOT!) LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, with Tillman close to signing Jason Clermont - watch the Riders waltz to the Grey Cup this season.
I’mtryin’ to remember what the esks record was but all I can remember is they lost back to back games against,lol, Hamilton. Biggest payroll in the league and NO PLAYOFFS - LOL!!! WELCOME BACK FROM THE CITY OF HAS BEENS!!!
In all fairness and with good sportmanship intentions welcome back- it was quite bvoring without you my oily foe.
cheers and regards,
Gobble, Gobble!!!