Imroved Rushing Attack

The Leos used an increased running package and a little more imagination in their rushing attack on Saturday against Hamilton and it paid dividends. Warren had his best game of the season as the Leos had a more balanced attack.

The Leos are still winning but our expectations of the offence were high going into this season as they should be. The Leos have a better recieving corps this year with the addition of Anthony Simmons over Chris Brazzell and Paris Jackson emerging as a tall strong receiver with excellent hands. However the offensive is nowhere as explosive as last year. The Leos have rarely thrown to their short side starting wide reciever, whether Myers or Simmons was playing the position. The only throws to Simmons were in the last few minutes of the game. The Leos never threw to Myers in the games he played.

Dickenson has thrown for an unbeliveable high percentage this season. However he has took off early or hung on to the ball and taken sacks rather than throw the ball away. The big question, at this point, is why the offence is less explosive than last year and one would expect them to be even better. Is it because Dickenson is more conservative, less athletic, and less willing to go downfield for longer yardage. Or is it Chapdelaine's philosophy on offence to be more conservative than his predecessor Steve Burratto, or a combination of both?

I'd appreciate your thoughts!!

On defence you had to admire Carl Kidd running down Davis even though he was yards behind! What an effort!! Great first quarter sack too!