Improving Hamilton Ticats Fan Experience

Hi everyone,

I am currently taking a Marketing Analytics course and our team is very excited to be studying the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and coming up with how to improve the fan experience. Please fill out the below survey so we can capture your thoughts and feedback!

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Thank you so much for your support!

Bump…so it doesn’t disappear to far down the list… :smiley:

Cheers, best of luck.

Like the idea …but…can not believe you ask for our ethnicity as one question.
Why would you be so insensitive to ask people taking a Football experience survey our ethnicity?

Put some clear awnings or a clear sort of dome over the stadium and that will go a long way IMHO. Making the stadium into a dome for use 365 days of the year would be the way to go IMHO and I'm not talking a bubble thingy just over the field. Actually forget the awning thing, make it an indoor stadium. The Blue Jays can get 50,000 in there when the roof is closed on a "maybe it'll rain day and maybe not". Tells you something.

I think you meant too. I was attacked for my spelling errors in my first couple of posts

Not sure why this is an issue. Please explain.

Actually ethnicity is a good question. Because if it turns out everybody that answers the survey is overwhelmingly a certain demographic - such as a white Anglos-Saxon/European heritage and nohing else - that may be an indication that Cats should be doing more outreach to minority ethnic communities - and perhaps the team might choose to have an ‘Asian night’ the way the Raptors do to try to attract some from that community (with great success I might add).

Or if a ton of people identify as Italian’ background - celebrate that fact with an Italy night at THF - and have some local Italian organizations promote the game. Have somebody from that community perform the anthem. Themed music, maybe some special food items or giveaways with that theme. etc. .

If councillor Mathew Green sees this survey he will accuse them of "carding" and racial harassment .
Never thought about theme nights....why not do it anyway?

If Calgary is considered the benchmark for excellence, the Tiger Cats need to exceed whatever Calgary has to offer. Enough of the love affair with players that would not make Calgary practice squad. All the rest is fluff as far as I am concerned. Don't care who we play....... crush them all. That would improve my fan experience.

Great points but I hope nobody spills their spaghetti and meatballs on me when the TiCats score

Why even go there Lenny? Clearly you have a bone to pick with the guy. Regardless of what you think, the fact that he was carded is appalling. He is a city councillor for christ sake. I am willing to bed that has NEVER happened to a city councillor before him... but that is completely off topic. Again, why go there?

Agreed. Uncalled For!

Why the concern with "what" folks are rather than "who" they are? Is an Asian or Italian football fan somehow a different type of football fan from all other fans because they are Asian or Italian?

If the product is desirable, it should appeal to those who choose to consume it; i.e. football fans. It shouldn't matter "what" (insert arbitrary characteristic here) think about football. If folks like the game they will turn out.

An undertaking of the type you are describing, while surely suggested with good intention, gives the impression of affirmative action and provides fodder for the race-baiters.

You're absolutely right...I should have not gone there...apologies to those I offended. I just happen to not like his politics or style. Nothing to do with race, colour or creed.
Not a comment for a football forum.