Improving Fan Experience

The BOG sent out an email to season ticket holders about improving the fan experience. I get that they want to keep the season ticket holders, but they missed the point that they generate a lot of single game revenue.
I don't go to all the games because I can't afford it, but go to min 4 games per year with my wife and friend. We weren't asked for any input on what to do to improve the fan experience.
My wife is not really a fanatical football fan, but she enjoys the half time shows if they are entertaining. The only one I saw this year was the Mascot sing off. The rest were meh.
I miss some the half time shows like the superdogs. I am also a fan of old movies, and a recreation of the old Harold Lloyd football scene in the "Freshman" would be entertaining.
I get that the younger generation want to only see the current music groups, but family entertainment would appeal to a much broader spectrum. They could have put a better effort into it.
Before you say it, I'll beat you to it. OK Boomer!


I think that's a big part of where the organization is missing the boat. It's not just a football game. It's entertainment. Find entertainment for halftime.

Past that the only activities pregame are the weak sauce they do all the time and that people go to once and don't go back.

Then there is getting to and from the game. The city decided that rather than catch the drunks its better to spread them out across the city using mass transit. AND it's a mere 3/4 km walk from the transit area to the Family zone. That one floors me. Over the last few years this has turned into more "how can we inconvieniece you?" than how can we get people to the game efficiently.

The last one is a big one. The guys who used to sit behind my dad. Especially the one who slopped beer all over him every game. When you complain who gets thrown out? Not the beer slopper. The respected business man with a business work tens of millions a year that has been a season ticket holder for 40+ years. But on the way out - make sure you humiliate him.

I don't and won't go to an Elks game again - ever......