Improving atmosphere at BMO

I’m an Argo season ticket holder for a long time. My beef is with the east upper deck. I sit in the section behind the Argos bench. When you look across the field, you have a sea of empty seats.It’s not a good look inside the stadium and worse look on TV.Please tarp it with advertising or even better, have a tarp that has fans. It may sound silly but have a tarp with fans and possibly even have a 3D effect would look a lot better. Just a thought.


Not really related, but I made an impulse decision a few days ago to visit Toronto for the next home game. So I’ll add one person to the attendance. :smirk:


Every little bit helps

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If you’re into tailgating, you find more info from these guys on twitter:


Sweet - thanks! I’ll check it out.

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That would have to be a huge huge tarp! not worth it, and besides it would make no difference, the seats are still empty underneath and everyone knows that.

If you sit on the west side don’t look up, just watch the game on the field or sit on the east side lower deck.

Edmonton does it I believe Calgary also does it. And I don’t think MLSE is starving for cash

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Haven’t see any tarps covering the stands in either Edmonotn or Calgary.

MLSE doesn’t own or run BMO stadium, it’s the city of Toronto and their workers that maintain it. The Argos and TFC are not even allowed to practice there.
A few big tarps might look good on TV to some people but I can’t see the purpose of hiding empty seats.

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Watch on Sunday, the Argos are in Edmonton. The end zone has a tarp and they had it in the upper deck at the ends. Now they may have changed it , we will see on Sunday.Yes it covers the empty seats that they could sell as advertisements, or a print of fans. It looks more busy and less empty. Just my humble opinion

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I believe MLSE does run BMO.They manage it, unless that changed

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Yes they manage it and paid for almost all the expansion including the east side upper deck and the roof.

“* BMO Field, which is owned by the City of Toronto and operated by Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Ltd. (MLSE), first opened in April 2007.”

Def vote no on more ads

It is ridiculous you can barely give Argo tix away tho

Vote YES to BMO Field playing the CFL on TSN pre-game, halftime and post game shows on the big screen at BMO Field. No more ads. MORE actual football and less stupid games content.

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I say yes to showing the game on the big screen at BMO, as far as I know they show the games in other stadiums.
Unless they changed it.
I have tickets for Mondays game I will check it out.
They only show the replay on the big screen at BMO if it’s an Argo highlight.

Yup. I will too.

I’ll take a pair of free argo tickets :))


I totally agree. Argos ownership and BMO need to give all of its fans some BLUE in the stadium and what an easy way to do it with the tarp seat covers with at least Argos colours, and/or letters or logos. There is way too much red in BMO, and this could help.

As a long time fan and season ticket holder, those upper seats would be perfect to show Argos Blue and club logos. It would provide a way better look and I agree atmosphere to all of those attending, as well as TV audiences. A number of sports teams have done this with excess seating, often in the upper sections. Even in the old Rogers centre we had some sections covered for the Argos and I believe I have also seen for the Jays at times.

Lots of sports and stadiums use the space for again recognizing their home team, as well as using it for advertising, this helping with game team revenues. Hopefully this would to put more back into the club. Come on Toronto Argonauts Football Club and MLSE make it happen! Let’s Go Argos!

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There is advertising along the east sidelines on the boards. Tarping the seats to cover empty seats won’t do a thing to improve attendance/interest. That’s just covering up the problem.
The only way to improve is to put real bums in the seats and we have been discussing it for years as to how to increase atttendance, there is no short term answer. The CFL is just not popular in the Toronto area especially among the young demographic.

You’re right it doesn’t fix the problem, but it does make it look less empty. They could sell advertising space in the upper deck. If you have a lot of empty seats, you want to try and make it look busy so you don’t see empty seats. Just a thought.

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Maybe they need to have a third jersey in dark blue with a white maple leaf on the front. That might help draw fans.