I'm sick of all the threads talking about how much of a failure we are gonna be come season time. You know what I think hamilton fans are starting to sound like Leaf fans and I dont like it sure I'm upset about them not winning and getting rid of some of the players I liked.

STOP CRYING!! every move we make is horrible and we are gonna suck again this year, then as soon as we start winning the same people say we are the best team in the league. Just give it up! The Ti-Cats don't need casual leaf fans!

Now for my topic I would like to start a POSITIVE THREAD PLEASE!! Besides the whole two paragraphs above but thats just because I'm sick or reading all the Negative things about our team.

Amen brother !

This is the BREATH of FRESH AIR that should have come when Bob Young FIRST took ownership ...

It is with OPTIMISM and EXCITEMENT that I eagerly ANTICIPATE Spring Training this year ...


Can hardly wait !


I'm glad to see atleast one other fan that knows where I'm comming from. I just wanted a thread that we come discuss the positive movies and not talk about how the managment has been screwing us over with all the movements. I was a huge Vaughn and Cheatwood fan but when I read they were released I just thought why and then when I read on I said ok lets move on and sign some decent players for that money we just opened up. I'm so excited for the season to start but more so to see who we can make deals with this friday.

The trade with Jason Goss for Richard Alston and Nicolas Bisaillon was a good move for Hamilton Alston is a solid receiver and Bisaillon has potential to be good.

I still like Ivan Birungi the rookie we picked up from Acadia, at 6'4" 226lbs he will be a great canadian receiver in years to come.

All I have to say is Timmy Chang how could I leave him out the Hawaii QB the rights are OURS! He is an Amazing Young Quarterback that we now have the rights to and if we can get him to play for us one day soon he could easily be a great player in this league. If you haven't seen some of what he can do check him out in this video...

Some really positive looking Cdn talent at the Receiver spot.