Improvements to the Big O?

now that the BigO has no main tenent, do u think it would be possible for the people incharge of the stadium to decide to change the seating configuration to better suit football?....i mean, the closest seats are currently so far away from the field ( especially those at the 35 yard lines to the endzones ). maybe if they made the seating alot closer to the field, and changed the turf, and fixed the place up abit, like the argos at the roger center, it wouldnt be so bad.

there was a poll on asking: which is the best stadium in the east?....and the Roger center was winning!...noone woulda figured that in '04, but the changes have made the stadium better...

i mean, if Montreal is to get the Grey Cup game again, it can't be at Molsons stadium and the Big O, right now is a changes would have to be made, u'd think?

so move the Big O's seating, replace the turf, and maybe add those ribbon screens around the place, then cover the upperdeck seats which have horrible view ( not all, but the ones that do have bad view ) with pictures and logos, like in toronto.

maybe this would make the place better, and add something special to playoff, and labour-day games?

this is rogerscenter...see what i mean about the ribbon screen and covering up the useless upperdeck seats with logos...

Would THIS Work at the Big O????

If the playing field could be lowered, they could probably add 3-4000 seats along the sidelines. They could install fold away seating like the Metrodome in Minneapolis has and they wouldn't lose any floor space for trade shows, etc. Boosting capacity by adding sideline seats and filling the open endzone could boost capacity to around 70000 should Canada ever try to host the World Cup of soccer.

It is not gonna happen!
First of all why add 3 or 4 thousand seats to a 62,000 seat stadium? So you can have 3 or 4 thousand more empty seats? The big O is a terrible place to watch a game and people will not go to the games there1 Adding a few thousand seats doesn't help anyone except the people in those seats. Also as a taxpayer in Montreal and Quebec I do not want to see another penny spent on that place! I would rather see the Money go into Molson's

well, at least it can be fixed in some kinda of way.

Fixed for what?
Did you read what I just said?

well what do u do about all future grey cup games in Montreal?....keep playin them at the Big O the way it is now?...cuz u cant expand molsons to 45K.

Sure why not?
One game a year and the GC every 8 or 9, the big O is fine as it is for that!

yes I did, but do I agree, that's another story.

and you can't possible imagine the Grey Cup at Molson, it's way too small, and I regret every thing about bring the Grey Cup to other smaller cities, who just need to bank on getting something like TD Atlantic.

Molson only got the East Final by accident.

Kanga I will give you the benifet of the doubt and say you were posting as i posted my last point.

Again Kanga you (as far as I am concerned) do not have the right to neither agree nor dis-agree because you have never been there!

It is stupid to spend anymore money(My tax money) on that stadium. People do not like it and will not go no matter what you do to it.

well, if you guys abandon the Big O and focus on making Molson work, kiss hosting the Grey Cup goodbye for a while.

I know that can't afford it, but it seems to me that Montreal needs a complete new Stadium, maybe they can build it on the site where the new Expos stadium was to be build.

I think the Allouettes are doing just peachy in Molson stadium. They have got that city excited about football again and it's the hardest stadium to get into in the league. Sure they only have a little over 20000 seats but they are expanding and they seem to be doing well financially. Why rock the boat when it is cruising along? And I agree with ro why put more money into the Big O. They play 1, maybe 2 games a year there, why not put the money into the stadium they play most of their games?

i dunno...molsons is lookin like it will be a new stadium by the time they're done with stadium with retro design, 25K-30K is a good number.

but i think the city of montreal would sell the Big O for cheap to some private owner, right? ( skydome sold for 25 million )....then if that new owner put in some money to fixing the place up, it could improve the atmosphere there abit....especially if QC gets a team, and they play labour-day games in a renovated Big O....could draw real well.

Kanga you just dont read the posts do you?
The Big O is fine the way it is now for a Grey Cup one every decade!

I someone wants to buy it and put his own money into it thats fine but who would spend all that money to just get a few concerts and the Grey cup every 10 years

not really, if people don't enjoy going there. the next one could be a disater like the 1998 GC in Winnipeg.

prolly wont happen...just dwelling on thoughts....i look at the crappy big-o, and know it could be more than it is....but wont be.

I'd do it if the revevations could be done and I could get the Al's to move back in along with other teams.

Sorry, Mr. Obvious talking again.

So then where would you relocate the team when fans no longer go to the games?

I was pondering that same question ro.

i own the stadium, not the team, I could turn it into a landmark if I don't get any other to come, it's a beautiful building, it's right up there with the Sydney Opera House and the WTC.

it could be promoted that way.

The Big-O have a futur as a huge open air dumping facility...