Improved play of Special Teams

Wow!,what a difference in coverage on punts !
I know we have a better kicker this year and more hang time has been pointed out many times but I'm impressed with the play of our Special teams,more speed has been added ,they look great!

Look at all the big returns we had from kickoffs ,most of them called back but the potential is sure there for more scoring.
We looked pretty good .

Totally agree.....that was a bright spot last night.

The hang time and placement of the punts is great. The speed and tackling of the coverage team is excellent.

We have one phase of the team firing on all cylinders....two more to go!

Definite huge improvement on the kicking and coverage.
For the last couple years, good kicks like we saw last night would've been ruined by 2 guys ignoring or not understanding the no-yards rule, but you could see them last night being clearly aware of where they needed to be...with the great hang time, we typically had 3 guys waiting 5 yards away, pretty much leaving Rambo with no where to go. Was really nice to see, and its good to know we have one part of the game figured out (as stated above).

Setta has the punting distance and hangtime happening to be put in the Ruoff-revisited conversation. It's going to be fun to see how this turns out.

Oski Wee Wee,

Nick Setta performed well in all phases of the kicking game last night and the special teams tackling was very good. On the other hand, the Ticats' 1.3 yard punt return average and 19.1 yard kickoff return average last night needs much improvement.