Improved Concessions.

In response to all the complaints about the concessions two weeks ago, I'm very proud of the hard work that the Ticat staff and the Compass team put into improving the concessions so dramatically between the exhibition game and Saturday.

Thanks to everyone who has posted here acknowledging the improvement.

But you guys could have mentioned something earlier about wanting to see the Ticats win on Saturday.

So now we have to get to work on making sure you are also happy about that aspect of attending games at Ivor Wynne, by the time the team plays at home again in three weeks.

Geesh, it is hard work pleasing some people.

;-) ;-)

If we go 0-9 again, do you think we can make an application to the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation? :wink:

Though I did not purchase any products from the concessions, I did notice the lower level concessions under box I at half time were not that busy and I never saw much of a line up at any of the beer concessions when I walked by them.

In hindsight I don't know if that is a good or bad thing really. I did hear some people griping about what wasn't available or quality of what was. On the bright side I didn't hear anybody complain about long line ups.

Until I see a lot of evidence that the conessions are a positive I will be one less person adding to the lineup.

Sorry, the concession booth under Box "H" was unacceptable. 10-15 minutes before kickoff, and I waited patiently in line for a hot dog and a pretzel. Lo and behold, they had RUN OUT of hot dogs, and there will be A TEN-MINUTE WAIT for them. Totally sub-par. How do you run out of hotdogs before a game?

As a "declared die-hard fan", I am becoming quite disgusted with this level of inneptitude at the concession booths. It is not the servers' fault, it lands heavily on their managers' collective head. I have now become one of those who will refuse to pay for over-priced garbage (I'm talking food here, not the team) at football games. I will eat either before or after the game at another establishment. I MIGHT have a beer or 2, but at $8 per beer, no chance.

Do the math - $20 on food - nope.
$25 on beer - nope.
That equals a LOSS OF REVENUE of $45 PER GAME from one person alone. Care to multiply that by 27,000?

I suspect they had just run out of properly heated ones. One of the more important things we had to fix from the exhibition game was to stop selling cold hot dogs.

But regardless, not having hot hot-dogs available is unacceptable and we'll look into it.


I did not use the concessions this game so I have no knowledge of what improvements were made.
Could someone please comment on them?
Thank you.

Huge improvement over last game. I'm talking night and day! Everytime I walked by there was little to no line, the Pizza I had was delicious and even a reduction in beer prices in the SW end zone. Another example of our caretaker pulling through on him promises! GREAT WORK!!!

Now if we can only work on getting a win down we'd be set.

Thanks Bob for all your hard work and dedication to the team. Although some people on this site love do a lot of complaining, you should know that the majority of us are really happy with the way things are progressing!

I wasn't able to attend the game, but heard that there was some improvement. It's amazing what accountability and a plan will do. :roll:

That's not a bad idea. Then we could lower ticket prices, reduce the cost of beer, and still afford a winning football team.


Bob come quick, i think i heard that people were actually swearing at the game...

forgive me , but I'm only picking up that the improvements were no line ups.
Is it possible that the poor service in the past or the high prices are the reason the line ups were small?

Just asking.

same thing with the RC having the most HRs in the MLB right now.

is it because its a good hitting stadium, or is it because the Jay's starting pitchers stink (Halladay aside)

I got a pretzel as soon as we arrived (at 5:30) and I was encouraged to find that the concessions were actually open. My pretzel was warm and tasty and my water was nice and cold. My hubby also noticed at half-time that the lines at the concessions at the SW corner seemed to be moving quicker at half-time.

Nice to see improvements, and I hope they keep coming.

I'm with you. Malaria, shmalaria! Let's concentrate on wiping out losing once and for all.

The lineups were short, and the service was courteous.

With 3 minutes left in the second quarter, it took me five minutes max to reach the front of the line. Compare that to 15 minutes at the pre-season game. Big improvement.

The young lady who served us was very polite as well. She assembled the order quickly, but didn't just give us the food and bark out "next!" (that happened at the pre-season game). She went out of her way to tell us where the condiments were, and said something along the lines of "have a great time!" Very professional.

That is just cruel. Although the thought of all the Micro$oft money helping out our caretaker, well, I might even chip in to buy billg a red hat. :wink:

Microsloth support a competitor?!? :o

I bought fries and a Pepsi when I arrived on Sat not to long after the gates had opened . I had no wait . My server was polite and the service was good . My pepsi was even cold as compared to other times last season it was warm . However by the time I got up to my seat and I did go straight there, my fries were not just cool they were ice cold . I figured there probably was not much use in going all the way back down to complain so ended up not even eating them . This was on the South Side . I don't think those warming lights help very well to keep them warm . :frowning:

I waited in line three minutes before the half and found the lineup to be much improved over the preseason game.

My beef though is there is no tea.
Because of meds. I can't drink any alcohol and coffee doesn't agree with me. I have others sitting by me that mentioned the same thing. I don't think it would be that difficult to have hot tea, along with the coffee.

Something else that would make a huge improvment re: lineups would be to have a separate trailor or booth for the Tim Horton products. That way, the people lining up for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate would not have to wait in long lines with people that are ordering hotdogs, fries, popcorn etc. :cowboy:

Just my thoughts on improvments to the concessions.

Kudos to the caretaker for having concern re: improvments. :cowboy:

Bob come quick, i think i heard that people were actually swearing at the game...

Bob is doing his best to make the game day experience good for all of us.
One further improvement he could make would be dumping idiots who go off topic on this web site.