Impromptu parade

Woody,s got a great idea, who from the hammer is going---OK fellow CFL fans from accross the continent...

Here is your chance to be part of making our own history!

We have been turned down on a request for a parade permit, however a bunch of "13thman" have decided to have an "Impromptu GREY CUP PARADE" with a couple of bands and people representing all the teams including OTTAWA and EAST COASTERS!

Meet at the corner of Simcoe and Front at 2:00pm on Saturday! Bring your Flags and Colours and Noisemakers!

Let's make our own HISTORY!

Spread the word!

I’ll be there…been spreading the news sicne I found out about it. It should be fun. :thup:

Why yes, Yes that Rumour is True...there will No :wink: Grey Cup :wink: Parade starting at 2:00pm sharp today from the corner of Front and Simcoe St in Toronto!

AND, as reported on The Fan 590 and any other news station we can get to...The Argonotes and the Rider's Pep Band and representatives of all teams accross this great CFL nation, will not be assembling for a :wink: Grey Cup :wink: Parade at 2:00 sharp Today!

In fact, we feel it is our civic duty to spread the word to every CFL fan we know, to let them know that there will be No :wink: Grey Cup :wink: Parade ,complete with bands, flags, and banners and noisemakers.

In the interest of keeping the peace and assuring that people are not arrested for "parading without a permit"...please help by spreading the word that there will be No :wink: Grey Cup :wink: Parade starting from Front and Simcoe St at 2:00 sharp, today in Toronto. Perhaps we should all just come down there and assist in keeping the peace!

Then go visit all the GC festivities! :rockin: :rockin: