Impressive win over Calgary Oct 06

Very impressed with the way the Lions handled Calgary on Saturday night given that some key players were not playing.

Cornish had some threatening break out plays but for the most part was contained. Ryan Phillips played very well. This was a much deserved win and the win last night has significant implications:

  1. Lions remain in top spot in the west putting distance between those trying to catch them
  2. Another win and the Lions wrap up a playoff spot
  3. Lions have won the series against Calgary which means if the teams tie in total points for 1st place, the Lions take top spot.
  4. The Lions can get it together even with a couple of their premier receivers out [Bruce and Simon].
  5. They were able to score majors early in the game. In the past they have taken almost half the game to get a major or even get on the board.

Any problems the Lions encountered will be corrected I'm sure.

My only complaint were some of the stupid ref calls. There was one where the Lions defender was called for roughing the passer. How could that be? He hardly touched the guy, was falling to the ground when trying to grab the QB and the QB did not even lose his balance. That call blew me away.

The Lions might have really stomped the Stamps, but for a dropped TD by Moore and a few holding calls. Despite some mistakes the Lions offence was better and had their best start in about a month, which took Calgary out of their run a bit and put it on Kevin Glenn to win it for them. Patrick Kabongo and Jesse Neuman stepped up when Den Valli got hurt. Good to see Valli come back later in the game. I thought his play was much stronger this week. Lulay didn't turn the ball over and the lions had the ball for almost all of the third quarter. Good to see Chapedelaine got Harris involved early and kept feeding him the rock. The Stamps helped us alot by not blitzing very often.

After the first quarter the defence pretty much shut down the Stamps offence and they made a terrific stop at the end to seal it. But the tackling can definitely improve. Not sure what newcomer Brandon Jordan was smoking, three penalties in a row! Perhaps I'm overly critical, but Muamba needs to wrap up defenders and not rely upon the big hit so often. Kudos to Jabar Westerman for carrying much of the load at defensive tackle after Taylor got hurt early. Nice picks by Marsh and Phillips and a huge night for Adam Bighill. Elimimian looked alot more comfortable and can only get better. Can't wait to see the D when Khalif gets back.

Coverage on kickoffs was pretty good and the punt cover was excellent. MacCallum was accurate when called upon, though he mishit a short kickoff after the Lions first touchdown. Can't really question the call, but the execution wasn't good enough.

That Lions win puts them two wins ahead also won the season series with the stamps. They have to hope we lose three of the last four and they win all four of their games. Lions are on the road to Hamilton next week and in Calgary on Oct. 26th. The remaining home games are Oct. 19th against Edmonton and a possible mean-nothing game on Nov. 3rd in week 19. Bottom line: if BC wins two of the next four games we'll probably finish first in the west and make it to the western final. That extra week might help us get Simon and Bruce back.

Look out Tiger Cats, there are Lions coming into your nearly moribund stadium to take a bite out of you next week!

-Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

BC outplayed Calgary and was better than what the final score indicated. Late scoring and lucky touchdown from fumble made Calgary looked respectable but BC was ahead for most of the game. Fans of other teams might be underestimating the lesser known receivers not named Simon and Bruce.

Banks isn't wrapping either, I only got to see the highlights of the game and he blew 2 major plays by not wrapping. But other than that , nice to see a well oiled machine!!

Correction to my original post:

"2. Another win and the Lions wrap up a playoff spot"

The Lions have already wrapped up a playoff spot. I forgot about the cross-over option should the Lions find themselves in 4th spot for some "unknown" reason. lol

Lions win was very impressive no doubt. One thing for sure is that BC lions own John Huffnagel now. We have beaten Calgary many times in a row and seem to have the mental edge over them--

We will not lose to Calgary as long as Kevin Glenn is the QB of Calgary- We overpower their offensive line and GLENN looks really small as the QB- He is too short and not strong enough to take hits and to pass on our defense- IN both games he played scared vs us--

Lions should seriously give NICK MOORE a look at replacing Geroy Simon in our lineup- As I have said many many times GEROY SIMON is the reason the LIons offense struggles--

-Firstly with GEROY in the lineup ANDREW HARRIS becomes option #2 after GEROY- GEROY is nothing more than an average CFL receiver now- He has no explosiveness and is experienced but is similar to a declining aging receiver--

_Secondly with GEROY in the lineup on almost every pass play he is the primary receiver and most of the time the pass is incomplete- He is not drawing interference calls either-

-Thirdly look at the games that SIMON has missed and you will notice the LIONS Offense has performed SMOOTHLY and has scored more points and more receivers have had awesome games--

You cant seriously expect me to believe that COURTNEY TAYLOR is not better than GEROY SIMON- Taylor is super young, fast, and ready to prove himself and is basically 24 years old which means he has fresh young legs and not tired old 37 year old weak legs---

Muamba cannot tackle and do much right but does it matter when you have the best FRONT 7 in the league by a mile- Muamba's name is mentioned more than any other LIONS player because he is terrible- Good defensive players are making plays, MUAMBA Is missing tackles, bouncing off people every time---

The Lions are the best team in the league by a mile-- They have the best player in the CFL which is ANDREW HARRIS- We have the best defense easily as well----

Arland BRuce also should be replaced in 2 seasons as he is also 35, and bottom line we have better younger guys that can come on and do a better job---

At this point I think BRUCE still capable of performing good but definitely SIMON should be benched, its clear and more proof is his hamstring injuries, he is just not a CFL level athlete anymore- He is so weak and drops the ball with the slightest contact also--

I will be very very very dissapointed if the LIONS dont walk out of IVOR WYNE stadium with the 2 points next week considering they are playing vs a CIS level defense and arguaby the worst PRO QB to have ever played the game in HENRY BURRIS- I mean gameplanning vs Burris is like gameplanning vs a 1 armed QB--

There is no exuce for BC not smashing Burris by at least 3 tds next week-

Lets go LIONS bring home this division and another grey cup!

Got to love your enthusiasm Gridiron. And your comments about Gerory may not be far off. With no disrespect to Gerory, if other guys are able to shine more brightly then the coaches have to go with them.

The way I see it, the Lions are 2 games away from capturing another Western Final hosting.

Must give massive respect to Wally Buono— He has somehow found a way to bring in ALL star level players consistently throughtout the last 10 years here–

Case in point- Cam Wake- Eliminean, Bighill, Khalif Mitchell, Stephen Logan, Lulay, Harris, ARCENAUX- A good example is the fact the LIons were decimated on the D line and they bring in a rookie tackle with no CFL experience in BRANDON JORDAN- Now while he did commit 3 penalities in a row they guy also made some really good plays- He looked hungry and certainly looked like a good player- As long as we can recruit better players than other CFL teams I can see the Lions realistically winning 2 to 3 grey cups in a row as we are very young and are gelling- If the ALOUETTES recently won 2 in a row and this LIONS team is much much stronger than any of the recent ALOUETTE teams-- Also remember in the past 10 seasons the ALOUETTES were the east grey cup team in about 7 seasons-- So its possible the LIOns with this nucleus can do some special things–

Benevides- I think we must give him credit for this season-- He just won a game without 5 key starters- I mean he has them ready to play, he seems good at motivating them-- He certaintly seems ready to be a coach- He seems educated and informed about how to be a coach-- I guess he was mentored by WALLY and seems to be a natural coach–

I have watched every single LIons games and we are a very DEEP team in offense and defense- Some of our backup receivers are much better than starters on Toronto, Calgary and Saskatchewan— WALLY knows how to bring in good receivers–

I just feel that on offense our BEST players are LULAY and HARRIS-- HARRIS should be given the ball 20 times on offense- Passes and rushes— This way he will make plays-- THere is no reason not to use HARRIS-- Even the swing passes are very dangerous passes—

Remember we have ERNIE JACKSON who at 6’3 and 220 pounds was proving to be a good physical deep threat and good after the catch-- Courtney TAYLOR was very impressive in pre season-- NICK MOORE was inconsistent with DROPS but in his last 2 starts he was clearly the LIONS BEST RECEIVER by a mile–

When GEROY is in the lineup we are throwing to GEROY like he is the GEROY of 2001 which he is not anymore- It really is a shame to not feed guys like GORE, Foster, HARRIS and also MOORE, JACKSON and TAYLOR now–

Look around the leaugue, do you see many 37 year old starting slotbacks? The reason you dont is because at that age the body cannot compete with fast 25 year old defensive backs— Making matters worse is the AMOUNT OF TARGETS SIMON is getting-- NO one can argue with the fact that when SIMON is playing he is getting the most LOOKS and TARGETS from LULAY-- That is unacceptable and a good way to lose games–

CFL is a wide open passing game and there is no reason to throw to only 1 receiver-- When SIMON is out all of a sudden our young receivers have their best games—

Its kind of like a car dealership in which 1 salesman hogs all the clients not allowing the other younger salesman the opportunities to deal with the customers and sell the cars-- When the 1 salesman who hogs the clients (GEROY SIMON) is sick for a week you notice that the young salesman are all selling cars and the dealership sells twice as many cars–

If they persist to use SIMON they should move him to wide side receiver as he cannot take the contact in the middle of the field like a young COURTNEY TAYLOR can and ERNIE JACKSON who are both physically intimidating receivers – Well over 6 feet and well over 200 pounds–

I dont want to see the LIONS offense again with the old LULAY TO SIMON misfires-- If anything this is HARRIS’s team now-

I've got to agree with your sentiments Gridiron. I know you're not bashing Simon. There was comment you made that I think is bang on;

"When GEROY is in the lineup we are throwing to GEROY like he is the GEROY of 2001"

We have some very seasoned and knowledgeable fans where I sit and they have the same complaints. The question I'd ask is whether or not when Simon is in the line-up he is the go to guy because Lulay chooses him or he's told to throw it to Simon. Simon may be entering the twilight of his career. Remember how much Paris Jackson was utilized. He is not used nearly as much now but is still very effective when used. Simon is still effective but he is not the same guy of 2001. He can't possibly be. He'd have the body of 26 year old if he were.

The win against Calgary last week proved that the Lions can beat a very good team without Simon. The question is what Lulay and Chapdelaine decide when Simon returns to the line-up. Simon is still a threat but in my opinion he is no longer the star receiving attraction.

Geroy is a crowd pleaser and a popular player but his reputation can only carry him so far. Remember Jason Cleremont? He was one of our favourites but was eventually traded to SSK. I've never seen a guy take harder hits and still bounce right back up but it was eventually time for a roster change. Not because he wasn't any good anymore but because there were guys who were better at getting the job done. Pro-football is an unforgiving sport.

Wally is a very smart GM- I think GEROY is popular within the Lions organization and the LIONS feel some loyalty to GEROY-

However Football is a 'WHAT HAVE YOU DONT LATELY for me BUSINESS " and Lately GEROY is unspectactular--- He has 1 td this season and cost us the EDMONTON game with his inabiity to take a minor hit at the goal line--

  • Geroy has caught hardly any deep balls anymore-
    -Any contact with a DB and the ball goes flying off Geroy's body-
    -Geroy has a son who is playing US college football- perhaps a sign that he is getting too old to play-
  • Recurring Hamstring issues are happening to Geroy--

IN the case of a guy like BEN CAHOON who played late into his thirties it was different- CAHOON was a short possession receiver so getting DOWNFIELD was not his fortay and thus his declining speed did not matter-- GEROY is a finesse receiver whose main weapon is speed-- He does not have the speed anymore-- He also does not have a PRO body anymore--
He is barely 6 feet tall and also not even close to 200 pounds which wont get it done at this level--
Since his speed is dropping and he obviously is not putting the time in at the GYM with his skinny upper body, you are seeing a guy who cannot beat the other teams db--

When the ball is thrown to GORE he usually has his man beat pretty good-- Kierre JOHNSON same thing, NICK MOORE also is open and beats his man-- Ernie Jackson did a good job of beating his man also--

AKeem Foster cannot beat his man and thats why he is benched--- Also Arland Bruce is not beating his man like he used to 3 to 4 years ago but can still beat his man at least half the time--

I would venture the idea that PARIS JACKSON at this point is a better option also than GEROY--

In my opinion GEROY would be last in terms of receiving options-- No doubt in my mind that ERNIE JACKSON, COURTNEY TAYLOR and PARIS JACKSON and NICK MOORE are all better options than GEROY SIMON--

FOr whatever reason I think the LIONS are not facing REALITY here and CHAPDELAINE is giving SIMON about 10 to 12 too many targets a game-- Now if SIMON was getting open and scoring tds then I am all for giving him the high TARGETS, but when its clear he is not beating anyone, why throw him the ball----

THe games where HARRIS is invisible is because the offense is trying to SHOVE the ball down GEROY's throat---

There comes a point in time when a PLAYER who hangs around too long starts playing for personal records and accolades but hurts the future of the team--

Who knows if a guy like Courtney Taylor or Ernie Jackson sticks around if they dont get playing time because of GEROY- GEROY is like a aging horse, this is probably his last year that he could even be a capable CFL receiver-- It would be a shame to lose a young receiver who will become an ALL Star somewhere else--

The future of our receiving core looks extremely bright with this lineup---



ARLAND BRUCE on the other hand is also getting older but he is a different type of player- BRUCE is still physically strong, he is still hitting the gym hard, he is not as fast as he once was but is kind of like a MINI TERREL OWENS, he is a good strong catcher of the ball- He is not afraid to get hit like GEROY is, and can make the tough catches in traffic-- BRUCE is still capable of being effective---
In fact if you look at when he is thrown the ball more we are unstoppable, If we are throwing the ball to SIMON we are STOPPING OURSELVES--

This is also the reason why GEROY goes nuts trying to rehab injuries and get back in the lineup faster than normal because he realizes the talent level of the young receivers and realizes that he is not as good but in CLASSIC LUONGO FASHION will just milk the LIONS for good money based on PAST REPUTATION and nothing he is currently doing on the field--