Impressive Palmer

Hey guys, I don't know just how many of you speak French, but I do.

This morning, I was watching RDS' news bulletin while eating breakfast. At some point, when they talked about the Alouettes, they interviewed a couple of guys. Among them, Jesse Palmer.

Well guess what. Palmer answered all questions in French. With a big English accent, but a very comprehensible French. I remembered reading an article not too long ago in which Palmer said he was trying to learn French. Just so many athletes say that when they come to Montreal.

Well that guy did quite an impressive job in about three months.

I mean... Calvillo, Cahoon, Philion, Strickland, Chiu and about all the others have been here for how many years and still can't say a three words sentence in French.

That, to me, showed a big comittment to the local population. I have yet to see Palmer throw a ball, but already I find him impressive and I commend him for his efforts.

Cheers to Palmer.

Didn't he grow up in Ottawa? That might help explain why is he able to learn it so quickly.

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But that has proved difficult, especially for the French-language media in Montreal.

(After practice last week, a Quebec entertainment program was on-hand to interview the fourth-string quarterback. Go figure.)

The television fame is driving much of the interest, but in Montreal, the media isn't about to gain a French-speaking quarterback any time soon, and Palmer is trying to please his new constituency.

"I'd like to think my French is improving every day. I've tried to make a rule that after practice, when I go out to eat dinner or buy magazines, that I speak French only," he said. "The more French television I watch and the more French newspapers I read, the better it will get. I watch RDS instead of TSN now. I've tried to immerse myself as much as I can. But I hate when you try to ask for something in French and they immediately answer you in English. That crushes me."

I saw the interview Flash TV, and his french was pretty good even if the reporter had to traslate some of the words.

1 that is also impressive is Ian Allen who speak pretty good in french !

Etienne Boulay’s French is not bad either ! :smiley:

I'm so interested by this. I think that it describes the true nature of our country that a fan site for a team that is limping into the playoffs, who have lost their head coach, and are about to have to play a game that determines 1st or 2nd place takes the time to express the language commitment of its players. God bless and Vive!

That would be great Third if he eventually became the starter in a few years, A French Speaking Quarterback. Think of the marketing the team could do!.