I am very impressed by the TICATS DEFENSE--

1- The RUN DEFENSE is really good- THey are hungry and rally to the football- lots of effort- they contain lanes and tackle-

2- RICO MURRAY looks like a player-

3- Safety is very good as well- he has good instincts-

4-I like the D LINE- THey are aggressive and rush hard-

5-Secondary is big and physical- they will improve and be a force--

KENT AUSTIN knows how to run an offense- ELLINGSON impresses, even GIGUERRE is coming through when the ball is thrown to him--
GABLE Is turning into a good RUNNING BACK--

BURRIS is playing great ball- he is getting more consistent and looks like he has improved more than EVER WITH AUSTIN- AUSTIN will turn BURRIS into the top QB in the CFL with RAY.

I won't be impressed with the D until they play well against a good team and win.

Beating a "Quarterbackless" Winnnipeg team in turmoil and rookie QB on a struggling Edmonton team should not be a measuring stick.

After 7 games, the team is 2nd worst in points against

150 Saskatchewan
164 BC
174 Toronto
186 Calgary
201 Montreal
205 Hamilton, and Edmonton
210 Winnipeg

And going into the 7th game, Hamilton was also 2nd worst in yards against per game at 385.6, have given up the most TDs (22), most sacks, and by far, the fewest number of takeaways.

And the run defense? Again, 2nd worst going into game 7 giving up an average of 135.2 yards per game

Couldn't agree with you more on that. Murray's been really impressive; makes the release of Markeith Knowlton a little more understandable.

Imagine if we had Brandon Isaac in the lineup too,


I like the play of Double H or H squared, Hasan Hazime. At 6'5" 270, he's getting quicker to the ball and gets his hands up on the pass rush. When Michael Atkinson is healthy, we'll have 3 good, young Canadian D tackles. Brian Bulke being the other Canuck who starts. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

The team is missing a quick DE that can get after the qb. No one after seven games has really stood out. Perhaps Tillman will come up with a gem or two at the NFL camps.

A Garrett MacIntyre- type would be nice. Someone with speed and an engine that never stops is on my shopping list, too. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

i completly agree with CAPTAIN KIRK..we havent played anyone yet(except toronto earlier) our secondary is still terrible for the most part...d-line playing much better,thanks to davis in the middle.,..he is a BEAST!

There is definitely something resembling a defence out on the field this year, which I don't think could be said last season.

If we manage to keep this group of guys together on D, along with Steinauer who I don't think will draw any significant HC interest for quite some time, I think they have the potential to be one of the top units in the league. So much youth at the moment it is unreasonable to expect these guys to be shutting down guys who have been in the league for years and years (Ray, Durant, Dressler, Stamps, Charles etc.). The trick is to turn these raw rookies into savvy vets, something the Cats have not been able to do in the past decade or so.

There is hope though, we have a few REAL good ball players on the defensive side. I have been pleased with their effort this season, considering the uphill battle they seem to be constantly fighting.

Murrays gotta be D player of the week.. 4 tackles 1 sack 1 int 1 forced fumble :cowboy:

The defence is definetly slowly coming together,and bare in mind that we still have the likes of Isaac,McCollough and Harris on I.L. We also have on the 9-game I.L. Bowman(yet to suit up this year),the French Connection Laval twins Fortin and Nadon and also Atkinson.The thing that really impresses me this year is our quality of depth on defence.At every position,we are at the very least 2 deep and at some 3 deep in players on the roster.We may be short on experience in most areas,but are stockpiling a lot of young players,that are gaining valuable playing time this year,due to all the early season injuries.