Impressed With O-Line

I was impressed by the way the O-line played last night banged up and all. Khan has really been a leader along the line and a catalyst. Fiaconni really stepped in well and held his own, Dont think his name was mentioned once which is a good thing for 0-lineman. Jermese Jones well he played another kickass game, took one penalty but thats fine. Val St Germain continues to impress me. Mike Abou Mechrek had a tough game he got beat alot took about 5 penaltys but hopefully his worst game is behind him.

Overall I thought they played great considering the circumstances short week, injurys, and etc... The only problem is that they had some trouble opening up holes for the Roberts and got pushed back on run plays.

Anyone else impressed with their play?

Very impressive, way to hold their ground!

They took a lot of holding penalties....but they still won

dont forget MAM was up against Montford all night, he took a few holds but he kept Joe off Glenn, we have real good depth at the oline, so for all those who thought we were crazy for loading up in the despersal....hah.