Impressed with Doug Berry

Bomber defense looked a lot like the AL's. Obvious question. Do the Bombers have a lot more talent on defense than we do or was the difference coaching?

...and the Bombers in general. They almost beat the Als, they beat the Argos, and the 'D' looks very good while Kevin Glenn is showing much more poise. These guys may surprise a lot of us this season.

Well, they have Greg Marshall 2 as their D Coordinator... this guy is the real deal,and I have always been impressed by him. Doug Berry runs a more efficient football team than I have seen in some time.

Maybe Marshall would be wise to implement this fining system.

Winnipeg improved immensely by picking up Barin Simpson, and some help on O-Line from Ottawa. If it weren't for the picks against Montreal, they may now be 2 and 0.

Watching the game last night, their defense did what they needed to do against Toronto, and that's rush the QB. They showed a lot of different looks, and had a number of guys go to the QB without being touched. We seldom get a free shot because IMO we don't surprise teams on defense. This is not skill, this is all coaching. Quite frankly I am still not sold on Kavis Reed.

One thing to remember though, Spurgeon Wynn played most of the two pre-season games and had a lot of time getting to know the Ti-Cat's D. He didn't get two practice games against Winnipeg.

If something doesn't change on defence, we may be in tough againt Montreal tonight. AC will eat us raw if he has time.

Greg Marshall is a great defensive coordinator. He is one of the most efficient and organized coordinators in the game. With Barrin Simpson as the QB of their defence, Winnipeg looks a heck of a lot tougher this season.

The loss of DT Joe Fleming cannot be understated. They would have like shut the Argos out had Fleming been playing (he has retired). As it is, Doug Brown was a monster. I also like DE Gavin Walls...

The biggest question this year will be whether Kevin Glenn can emerge from being a tier-two QB in the league and provide the playmaking necessary for the Bombers to become a contender. Another biggie will be their special teams (read punting and return game) because they were HORRIFIC last night. Their rookie punter made Chuck Tack (he of the meltdown last year) look like Ray Guy...Jon Ryan is a huge loss for them.

No gimme games in this league this season!

Oski Wee Wee,