Imports vs Non-imports

This came up in the "what happened to the int'l bowl thread" thread, and I could see it heading in a direction that deserves its own thread ... basically, someone mentioned having an all-star game of non-imports vs imports. I think it's a neat idea, but I don't see how it could work, mostly because imports dominate the "skill" positions, and non-imports dominate the lines, special teams, and fullbacks - those sorts of positions.

Nevertheless, who would you choose for a non-import all-star team, vs an import all-star team?

Here are my picks:

QB: Jesse Palmer ( ...since I'm pretty sure he's the only Canadian QB out there ... )
RB: Jesse Lumsden
FB: Chris Szarka
WR: Paris Jackson
WR: Andre Talbot
SB: Jason Clermont
SB: Ben Cahoon
C: Jeremy O'day
Rest of O-line: I gotta be honest here, I don't follow o-linemen enough to know who's good and who's not ... I only know when a TEAM has a good or bad o-line.

DT: Again, don't know them well enough ...
DE: Brent Johnson
DE: Adam Braidwood
LB: Scott Coe
LB: Kevin Eiben
LB: Mike O'Shea
DB: Davis Sanchez
DB: Kelly Malveaux
CB: Well, every decent CB listed on the website is American, so let's just take two more DBs ... How about Kelly Wiltshire and Chris Hardy.
S: Richard Karikari

K: Sandro DeAngelis
P: Noel Prefontaine

QB: Dave Dickenson
RB: Joffrey Reynolds
FB: Like with the CBs, all the decent FBs on the site are Canadian, so let's go with a more "pounding" RB ... I dunno, say, Robert Edwards (I'm sure he could be a FB).
WR: Arland Bruce III
WR: Nik Lewis
SB: Geroy Simon
SB: Milt Stegall
C: Again, no significant Americans here ...
O-line: Same from above applies!

DT: Same reason as above ...
DE: Anwar Stewart
DE: Fred Perry
LB: Brian Clark
LB: Carl Kidd
LB: Barrin Simpson
DB: Coby Rhinehart
DB: Korey Banks
CB: Dante Marsh
CB: Byron Parker (also technically a DB, but I chose to pick him over Reggie Durden)
S: Orlondo Steinauer

K: Damon Duval
P: Damon Duval? I'm not sure if he actually punts - I'm pretty sure he does - but he also seems to be the only significant American kicker/punter.

It was a lot easier to fill out the American roster than the Canadian roster! On paper, I think the American team would win the game. I also think that for a CFL all-star game to work, the teams would have to be east vs west.

Jesse Palmer Isn't Actually A Non-Import, He Played College In The U.S. And Was Living In The states When He Turned 18, I Beleave He Left Some Time Around When He Was 14. Also While I'm Pointing Out Flaws You Put "NON-IMPORTS:" As The Title Of The Import Team.

Also Ricky Williams Should Be The IMPs FB, He Did A Great Job Blocking For Avery.

Bamboo, to be a non-import it does not matter where you played college ball (most of those non-imports listed played college in the US). It is based on where or if you played high-school football in the US. Ben Cahoon is an American who did not play high-school football. He only played college ball. He is classed as a non-import. Canuckkev you missed him on your non-import list as well as Fantuz.

Oh man, while I do actually believe that non-imports ie. Canadians should have mandatory positions in the league, I have to admit that I can see why a lot of people put down the CFL when they see threads about this topic and discussions, it really does make the league look non-professional in many respects on the surface to those who are not intimate fans of the league.

On the surface? How about taking it a step further to say that its non-professional period. I see your point about keeping a few positions for Canadians, but half the roster is way too much. Teams now stuff all their non imports along the O-line or at the always crucial kicking position. Don't know how many more 18 yard field goal misses I can stomach anymore only to learn that their isn't anyone better out there. (If an American is brought in he must be 3X as good as the Canadian guy in order for the team justifying burning the non import spot).

IMHO- NoN imports are better than even CFl fans give them credit for,This is why a CFL International Bowl Game would be a success!, Even if the NoN imports where to lose, it could be a start to Improoving Developement of Canadian football, But as stated IMHO Non imports would be competative, point spread?

Although it's not an American tradition, many leagues thought out the world, including major junior hockey in Canada, have import limits. Often only allowing 2 or 3 players on a 16 man soccer roster

Oops :oops: As for Ricky, I figure he's already left the league, and hence there's no point in using him ...

Some of the most popular soccer leagues in the world have import quotas, too. It's not a reason to call the CFL "bush league", at all.

And I wouldn't say that missing 18-yard FGs is due to the kicker being Canadian. Frankly, that's just stupid to say. A Canadian can kick just as well as an American. The NFL record for FG distance is 63 yards; the CFL record is 62. How many 18-yard misses have you ACTUALLY seen? Maybe you just need to watch a better kicker, period - not necessarily an NFL or American kicker.

And keep in mind the ratio-breakers: Canadians that take positions traditionally reserved for imports. Lumsden, Palmer, Clermont, Cahoon, Johnson, Coe, Karikari, and Sanchez, to name a few. To be honest, that's probably my favourite side effect of the import rule.

Cahoon is on my non-import list (well, the first one anyway!). I considered Fantuz but justifiably chose Clermont over him. All three of those guys are listed as SBs, hence why only two of them made my final list. Not that I don't think Fantuz is a good player.

Jesse Palmer is a non-import: ... ros_id=955

And here's proof that, at the very least, import quotas are a relevant issue in the English Premiership: ... o_fiel.php

True about leagues around the world having import rules, good point. I think that the new MLS team in Toronto will have to have a certain amount of Canadians as well. If not for these rules, almost all of the positions would be taken by Americans in the CFL probably and the salaries might be lower since there are so many to choose from.

Quite right, Earl. If we had no limit on imports, they would dominate the teams, for the reason you cite....there are so many of them, and the the salaries would definitely be lower.
Many years ago, it was stated by an agent,(I forget who)that if there were no import rule, he could staff every team in the CFL with Americans who would play for $25,000 each per season. Now, that dollar figure is low today, but I have no doubt the statement still applies.

I am definitely in favour of granting non-import status to Americans who play here for 5 or 6 years, FOR THE SAME TEAM. This was done years ago and encouraged players like Sazio, Henley, Scott, and others to become valued citizens of our communities.

As to All-Star games...FORGET IT!!!!!!
The length of our schedule, the weather, the utter lack of interest, timing problems, and history, all say it wouldn't work.

Yes Wilf, I like that about granting non-import status to Americans as you say, that would be excellent although I'm not sure if it would really fit in with the spirit of what the import rule is all about, I don't know.

I think it would be great to have a CFL/NFL all-star game, I don't think many people in the States get too excited about the Pro Bowl. But this will never happen for a lot of reasons.

I also doubt a CFL all-star game will ever happen, for all those reasons - unless the CFL becomes the most popular league in Canada, and we all know that because of a certain (americanized) (sorry, couldn't resist) league with an 'H' in its acronym, that will never happen.

I remember that old rule, where you'd basically gain non-import status if you stayed here long enough. I wish they still used it. I mean really, Damon Allen is probably more Canadian than most! Guys like him, Milt Stegall, etc who have been around the league forever really should count as non-imports. I would include Dickenson, but he did try out for the NFL a while back. It would be nice if the rule didn't apply to anyone who had ever left the CFL.

Being a non-import at a "skill" position also increases your value A LOT in the CFL, since you're a ratio-breaker. Maybe this would be enough to stop players from continually bolting to take a shot at the NFL, which would be nice.

Of course, the NFL would probably crucify us if we put in a rule that discouraged players from heading south. And, it might also hurt Canadian development - "true" Canadians in skill positions would have an even harder time getting onto a roster.

CanucKev says "if the rule didn't apply to anyone who had ever left the CFL"

Absolutely. In my post, I should have said 'who have played here for 5 or 6 CONSECUTIVE, COMPLETE years.
I certainly meant to highlight only those players who make a commitment to our game.
And the '5 or 6' is my suggestion only. I can't recall what the criteria was back in 'the old days'. I do know that those players who took advantage of the rule were a credit to their communities and their teams.