Imports at both OT positions?

With Goodspeed signing, does anyone think we'll have two imports at the OT positions? If not, is Joel Bell's position with the team in jeopardy?

We start enough Canadians that we could if we wanted. Even with 2 import OT, we would still be starting one more than the minimum.

Just curious, why was tackle Cliff Washburn not offered a contract in the offseason?

He came over as insurance late in the year. I don't think he even dressed while he was here. We've got 13 o-linemen under contract, including Bell and Goodspeed as import tackles. Wayne Smith is a NI tackle, if he's healthy.

I don't think he was in the Riders plans beyond insurance down the stretch last year.

I’m going to be a little miffed if Goodspeed makes it over Bell. Is he really that good? Doesnt Bell have a few years on him. With all these Canadian O linemen we have, why dont we start using some of them like Rempel ? This Bomber pipeline annoys me.

We had Goodspeed for about an hour last year, and people were mad when ET flipped him to Hamilton.

Now, we have him again, and you're mad about that.

It's a thankless job.

I don't think they re-signed Washburn, and I believe it was due to the signing of Goodspeed.

Yes, he is! Believe me, With the signing of Pierce, I'd give my left nut to get him Back... Im pretty Jealous

He was at least for the last few seasons probably the best import offensive tackle in the league, even better than Murphy. He is certainly in my opinion better at left tackle than either Geno or Smith. Goodspeed starting over those two is probably upgrade.

As far as Rempel goes, I think he was a bit of a disappointment in Hamilton. He played a little with them two seasons ago to very mixed reviews. He may be in tough to even make the team this year.

I say we start both Goodspeed and Bell at the OT positions. Bell is young and played very well considering he never even got a training camp to get used to the Canadian game.

Yep. And if Smith is healthy, he and Geno play guard, and O' Day at centre. That's a pretty nice starting unit.

very nice starting unit. i wish goodspeed luck. hes a talented guy