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Dear fellow CFLer's,

I've been a fan of the CFL for many years, and right now I can say I am unhappy with the CFL. It has come to my attention that I have overheard there are some individuals trying to enter into the CFL draft April 30, 2008, and they have been declined. I overheard a case today where they told a young man that he was illegible for the draft because the school he was not enrolled in a program with a 4-YEAR degree. After calling the CFL head office, they informed me that in the CFL BYLAWS, it states that for an individual to be eligible for the draft, they MUST attend a college or post-secondary institution that offers a diploma or degree. NO WHERE does it state it has to be a 4-year program, it says A POST-SECONDARY INSTITUTION OR COLLEGE. I have spoken with representatives from the CFL players association and they have agreed that this individual should be eligible for the draft, but the representatives from the CFL are denying this individual from entering the draft. If representatives from the CFLPA support this individual, why would the CFL not allow this individual to enter the draft?

Shouldn't the CFLPA have the power to override the CFL and allow this young man to enter. Why restrict talented individuals who want to play for and support the CFL from entering the draft because of a mess up in the initial written by-laws.

Please give me your opinions and ideas on this matter, because as an avid CFL supporter for many years, it's hard to support a league that inhibits people in participating in the draft because a flaw in the initial written bylaw. We're trying to keep the CFL going, not turn away athletes.

Whats the big deal, if not drafted, then do walk on. Worked for a guy named Lui.

Personally, I think it better not to be drafted. That way you can pick which teams you want to try out for first.

...until I see facts, rather than second-party stories, I'll reserve judgment...but even if it is true, I don't really see the big deal either.

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Thats technically not the point. If the CFLPA who stand for the justice of the athletes would like this individual to enter the draft, why must the CFL deny him? If it is not specifically written in the bylaw, how do they randomly pull this rule out of no where.

Well I have heard from many representatives of teams such as obie from the ticats and the allouettes, he has tried out for the teams. But is it not better in the draft to receive what you deserve?

I think that depends totally on where you would be drafted.

Let us say he would be a first round draft pick?

Who cares if you don't get into the draft. Send out game tape to all the teams your interested in playing for and try to get an invite as a walk on.

...sorry to take this off topic for a sec but that statement is a joke....ever heard of Anthony Gargiulo?....yeah, the CFLPA is doing a heck of a job getting him some justice....IMO the CFL sets the rules, the CFLPA is a wet noodle org....

...tell your friend to do a walk on, if he is that good I'll get him the exact address to mail a dvd to the stampeder head office....


...tell your friend to do a walk on, if he is that good I'll get him the exact address to mail a dvd to the stampeder head office....

Ya i figured the CFLPA was something like that. I guess i imagined them to have a more dominant voice in these matters. This kid has already been to a few of the florida camp tryouts, with large amounts of interest. From what I hear the people around him just believe he's worth more than just being a walk on, so i would assume he would want to be in the draft to maximize the $$$ for his talents.

Can we know who he is? (I, and I am sure others) would like to know the guy.

When the CFLPA pays the salaries they can make the rules.

I agree with the others, Being drafted gives no guarentees, try out for any team you like

Worked for a guy named Buck as well

No big deal. He'll be noticed easily in a walk-on and could get more money this way then the draft if he was drafted in a late round. Is he real good or just average player?

Josh Boden only played Junior for South Fraser Rams, ZERO post education, and he is on the Lions roster as a "walk on".

Of which "Lui" do you speak? If its Passaglia, he was drafted (1st round 1976).

There are too many avenues to the CFL to be upset at that even if it is true.


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