Important Standings Details For Next Two Weeks

I was looking at the remaining 2 weeks to figure out who beats who for play-offs spots.

I will assume others have done the same.

However, keep in mind the Bombers have the hammer on all.

Bombers have the tie breaker against both Riders and Eskimos in a 3 way tie .

Riders should have the advantage over Eskimos as the smashed them by 3 td's.
I can not see Eskimos beating Riders by that gap.

Argos, will be amped going into BC for a first place finish.
Lions can not beat anyone these days.

Having said that, I present the 2017 Final Standings:


So what are all of the possible scenarios in the West Division, regarding the various tie breakers?

That Bomber Hammer just missed the spike

If Calgary beats Winnipeg on Friday and Edmonton dispatches Saskatchewan, the Eskimos will host the Bombers in the West semifinal.
Saskatchewan would clinch third by beating Edmonton and visit Winnipeg in the West semifinal. The loser of the Eskimos-Riders game will become the East Division’s third playoff seed.
A Winnipeg loss and Saskatchewan win would create a three-way tie for second in the West. But the Bombers would finish No. 2 based on head-to-head records with the Eskimos being the cross-over team.

I hate the word assume, but I will proceed with it.

Stamps will not want to go into the CFL Championship Tournament on a 3 game skid, so they will not.
Riders will not lose to the Esks at home.
Since the Bombers still have tie breaking hammer, my prediction still stays put.

STAMPS 14 - 3 - 1

BOMBERS 11 - 7

RIDERS 11 - 7


If the Esks win, ( 12 - 6 ) then they take 2 nd and Riders ( 10 - 8 ) cross.

The Lions looked pretty good last week and they are at home with a late start for the Argos.
Good chance that Ottawa will hang on to first.

And Argos coming off a bye. Never bet against the bye team.

Perfect. Thanks.

That would be sweet, and not all that far fetched.

Those late starts can be devastating for the East Division teams.

I am an Eskimo fan and I must say, I am scared of the Roughriders. They look like they are coming into their own. Jones has them fired up and playing very well. I know this is going to get some people's blood pressure up but I would not be surprised if Sask beats my Esks this weekend, however I would be very pleased if my Esks were able to get past the RR this game and if they do the next time they would meet the green and whites would be in the Grey Cup.