I have been advised by Johnny that he has received a 5 month ban from this site.

I am advised by him that the reason he was given was that he had written “Did Maciocia F### your wife”.

This is an illegitimate banning.

Johnny did NOT write that; it was Vachon23.

I submit that Johnny’s ban should be lifted forthwith and he be given an apology.

Did you reach out to Red or Sully?

I agree it was not Johnny

I PMed Red and Sully
Everyone should do the same

Good idea; I had already pm’d a different mod (Dave)

Dave don’t like me!

That is absurd! Yes, it was Vachon who wrote that post, not Johnny. Johnny deserves to be reinstated immediately!

Kind of proves your point that the Als need a mod like the other active rooms on this forum.

Lucky for Johnny he had an alternate email for Jack.

Yes indeed. I’d say we’re one of the more active subforums here. And it would be good to have another mod just to help out on general principle, and avoid mistakes like this one, where a member gets banned for a post he didn’t even write.

Or one where a poster gets banned because the mod did not like his choice of words

Since your the only one with a connection with the new owner. You are sure you don’t want to take the job back ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just saw this, investigating, questions asked, waiting for answers…

Anybody think we should exchange email addresses in case this happens again?

Nothing to investigate…we all agree it was not Johnny…undo the ban please

…sorry, I don’t take orders like that…the mod who banned J is allowed to answer for his actions first, if it was a mistake J will be reinstated…questions asked, answers awaited…

…I like Johnny, he’s a good guy and I doubt he’d say something like that, but there might have been something else afoot…a couple hours to look into it is not a big deal…

Whoever wrote that disgusting post is the one who should be banned!

It was definitely not Johnny who wrote that, it was Vachon.

Johnny should certainly be reinstated.

The mods should not Fire Johnny!

Orders? Did you miss where I said please?

7 people have said that it was not Johnny.The reason for the ban was given…I’m sure the mod simply made a mistake…but Johnny should not have to pay for it…even if its only for a couple of hours

…it was a nice order? :slight_smile:

…all I’m asking for is a little time, sorry ro, but I’m not even through one coffee yet, it’s still dark here…,