important poll!!


whoever voted for michael bishop doesnt know anything. Glenn is playing well right now he is a safe quaterback, he is not playing like jason maas (terrible) and he hasnt made any really big mistakes in any of the games (except the 2 ints but we wont count those). he has done what we wanted him to do and that is throw the ball to receivers for them to make a play.

Glenn is the future in the cfl..hes gettin better every season and hes young so he will be a star qb in the future

......Kevin is a thinking qb. and a damn good one...and ...while not having a Bishop 'type arm' , he can put some stuff on the ball.....IF he only were just a little taller...he could be the best qb. in the land.....I've watched some terrific improvement in Glenns game since Berrys arrival...and he'll only keep getting better....and better ...and better...he just has to stay healthy and with the way our 'o' line is playing....certainly looks better than last yr. :thup:

True, but Glenn has much to learn still.. When Glenn calls a play, hes looking at one receiver only..and even if that receiver is covered he either takes the sack or tries throwing it to that receiver...hes gotta learn that he has alot of talent in receivers and he should spread the ball around..

first off glad to see the bomber fans finally support glenn. but he has been using his recvievers this year alot more. and is finally showing us that he can handle a starting role in the cfl. i am very happy with him this year and want to see him continue his play.

I know a lot of Hamilton fans that would like to see Jason Maas a Blue Bomber :lol:

(no I didn't vote in this poll)

Rumour has it that Winnipeg was interested in Maas last year, but failed the physical.

Maybe it will happen yet! Seems like Hamilton keeps trying to "showcase him"! I'm sure he would like it in The Peg...besides it's closer to "home" and you do have some great hunting and fishing there!

THAT'S IT! :rockin:

Glenn all the way. He is constantly improving, never complained about all the unfair criticism he took and he usually makes good decisions.

Kevin Glenn has been great this season for the Bombers.

He's shown leadership and he'll be a big part of the franchise's future.

  • Scott

Glenn has been great so far. Few incompletes and INT’s. But…

I know I’m not the only one whose heart skips a beat when he goes down from a hit.

my heart stays together a lot more then if we have dd "Drop to the ground Dickenson."

lol berry was just quoted in the paper saying Glenn is one of the rare few who sees the whole field

Glenn also doesnt call his own plays

and Glenn has been spreading the ball around, how else do you figure hes got 3 recievers in the top ten?

one of the one remaining few who either dont know the facts or in denial that K.G is a good QB in this league

nice to see everyone is on the same page with callvio