As of Friday, July 23rd, all forum users must create a CFL Network account in order to keep using the Lions forum.

Once you have created a CFL Network account, you will be able to sign in and comment on any CFL forum or post comments on any CFL site.

To create a CFL Network account, please click here.


I'm also hesitant to 'click' anything I'm not sure about. What are the reasons for the new requirements, and what Lions' cross-reference link can we check to validate this request? forums

lions comm is a moderator, and I am guessing possibly a lions employee

A valid concern. I'm quite sure it is legit. If you check out all of his other postings you will see they are all legit and basically PR.

But if you want verification:

  1. Click on Team [see above]
  2. Lions Staff
  3. Scroll down to Jacqueline Blackwell. She is the Admin and will be able to confirm

I think it is being done so you don't have to log on each time you go to another forum and want to post something. At least that is what I'm having to do. When I go to the CFL link and want to post something I have to login again which is redundant. Maybe there is another reason but I don't know what it would be. Maybe Jacqueline will explain. If she does it would be appreciated if someone would get back and post.

I suspect that lions comm is the same person as lions communications in this thread

[url=] ... &sk=t&sd=a[/url]

Is that a private website or is it affiliated with the Lions Club?

You've never heard of the Lion Backers?

Yes, I've heard of the Lion Backers. I was asking if the site is affiliated with the B.C. Lions Club or independently operated in support of the Lions team. I don't see a link above. My question was in the context of the concerns expressed above.

private, along with

Just what I need another account! What next, 8 more accounts for the rest of the teams on here.

You know what it is, more e-mail address to sell to the spammers. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

FYI, we got the same message a few days back on the Riderville site a, which is a pay site operated by the Riders and it was in the administrator only section. A few months back the team decided to shut down their own forum and go with what the CFL have been planning to and a free site. The shut down is still in progress and the message above is part of it.

So the long and the short of it, I think it is legit. Now do you trust what a Riderfans says?

I'll put in my 2cents - it is legit.


It seems the Lions want to control all the info being posted in their Forums . Any negative comments will quickly be deleted,as well as have all your personal info in their Database IMHO signing up for this will surely mean more junk mail .

how does it escape you that this isnt the lions, this is admin

Actually - the BC Lions forum is moderated by the BC Lions, not the CFL moderators.

but this one sign-on is not just the bc lions. Wasnt talking about the moderating

Maybe im confused here but when I click on the link to regester I go to the Lions website , the person who started this post is from the Lions . my first question is are we registering for a Lions forum seperate from the CFL forum or what ? if I have to sign up just to use the Lions forum on the CFL website it's kinda silly . Maybe the Moderator can be a little more clear on what they mean .

this should make it clearer


as well, look at the very top under announcement in the lions forum, as well as other forums.