Important message for ...Doug Berry

Congratz on the big win this past wknd, you did a hell of a job coaching and it showed. The concern I have is that we need to incorparate flight 87 into our passing game more. This week in practice try working on quick slants to Albert or a play that could possibly spring him loose, more playing time will be needed for him and you can achieve this by pulling that darn Thurmon or off the field…talk it over with Gibson and get er done…

Try a reverse :thup:

I don't think the word reverse will fit on Kevin Glenn's playbook wristband.

Berry is stubborn, it takes a few good schlit kickins before things sink in......good job against the riders though, he didnt panic, nice to see him learning to keep his cool.

...the trick is to get it to Stoddard in the clutch....this guy is just that.... a clutch receiver....can take a big hit...and hangs on....if any player has been over-looked its Stoddard....not the fastest guy in the world...but he has great of the reasons the Riders took it on the chin in the B-BOWL :wink:

yea he is definately a hands receiver. We've got two canadians who are good enough to be pretty big in alot of plays. Stoddard should be used in more of those 2nd and 5 situations where we need a few solid yards to a guy who can catch em, but Arjei should be in at WR for those 1st and 10s and stuff where we need a bit more speed. And i agree with all since game 1 thurman is terrible. McCord has not dissapointed. Theyve thrown McCord about 10 balls this year and i can remember like 3 big plays. One against Toronto in the last loss. He went up took a hit and wrestle the ball into his hands in the crowd when it was 2nd and long, one near the beginning an over the should grab where he was interfered and another solid catch and run against i forget who. Thurmans gotten the ball about 40 times. All i can remember from him is a bunch of dives for balls (not caught) and one wide open endzone catch...

I agree 100% on all topics here, Stoddard has alway's been a favorite of mine and it showed on Sunday that he can play. Brazell has his moments but still has the I like Thurmon on a reverse or AJ, they both have speed, our recieving is fine I like all, Stegall, Stoddard, AJ3, Thurmon and McCord, the most promising is McCord for the future i think.

I totally agree with the Stoddard comments! Definitely should be used alot more! I was a Brazell fan when he first came here but I'am very disappointed with his inability to catch and hang onto the ball! I like the idea of AJ getting in there. We'll have to play near perfect ball against the Stamps or we'll be in trouble!

So why doesn't Stoddard see the ball more often.?..this topic has been beaten to death at my place of work all season. Some say he has lost a step, I never knew him as Mr Speed anyways, others say it's because he dropped a few balls at the start of the season...or is it because he's never open and he's not sitting in the holes under zone coverage as much...what ever it is, I hope the problem is solved now, he looked like shades of old, last week..Go Bombers

....BESIDES getting Jamie involved more.....i think we should make our offence a little less predictable....throw in a (trick) different play to confuse the opposition they can't key on our some imagination....(how about a reverse to AJ111).....We've got lots of talent on offence ...that really hasn't even been utilized.....Time to 'stump' the stamps..... :wink: :?

I would be very happy to see our offense continue with the ball control style against cowgary, they will need to put together long time consuming drives to keep the grinning boy and his weapons on the sidelines. I dont think this will be a problem given that the cowpokes defence isnt as tough as the riders imo and we moved the ball pretty effectively against them. Stick with the conservative play I saw, limit your turnovers and defence will take care of the rest.

how about a pitch to a SB and then he throws to roberts on a short screen, or to Stoddard or Milt on the hitches? Might work...