Important CFL Fans Request for the New CFL Cmmissioner

Mr. Commissioner please do not destroy our game thats been around for 95 years. I heard you say that you would be basicly ok with the NFL coming to Canada, Toronto. I totally agreed instantly with the host on Prime Time Fan 590,we should be protecting our game and our tradition and territory by keeping the NFL out of our country, period. That means no sample game or games or any sort of entry of their game on our soil.Keep them out of our country! I was very disappointed in your comment and me and Im sure many other CFL fans very nervous and worried.
Tom Wright was against it and we the CFL fans are were behind him. Lets us promote our own game the CFL more,"NOT THE NFL IN OUR COUNTRY, where we have our own game and our own leaque! Commissioner we the CFL fans are willing to give you every chance to do a creditable job but please protect our game and leaque that is ours. Let the NFL operate their leaque in their country and we keep and ptotect what is ours.We have our own professional leaque in our own country, please respect that. Mr. Commissioner we need to promote our game more and do a much better job selling and marketing job which the CFL lacks. Promote our game, our leaque and players more.Dress up the ends zones with team logos and CFL logo at centre field and at the Grey Cup have the Two Team Logos in opposite end zones and the CFL Logo visable along with the ScotiaBank CFL Logo.The leaque needs a much better image! Bring back Miss Grey Cup, add some excitement and exposure to get more viewers and interest.Use the Cheerleaders which are profiled on each CFL team site, make them part of the Grey Cup in a bigger way.The Argos did a Miss Argo Cheerleader contest last year.Have all the CFL teams do the same and the winners enter into a Miss Grey Cup contest which can be done on line with CFL fans and the winner, Miss Grey Cup in the Grey Cup Parade and at the game and on the field at the start of the game and have her come in with the mounties with the Grey Cup. Commissioner please try to listen to the fans,promote our game like never before and you will suceed and be respected and praised by the CFL fans.Come up with a strong plan to increase attendance and awareness to build a stronger fan base and demand for tickets as well as increase ratings. Go hard after Ottawa in conjunstion with Quebec City. We need two teams for an even number of games to grow the market. Quebec is a hot bed for Football and has 750,000 people and a big market which would enhance and promote and grow the Montral and Ottawa market as well as Toronto which will grow and promote the CFL as a bigger and better leaque in the biggest markets in Canada. Then go to Halifax! If the leaque is a more sucessful leaque its a easier sell to expand and for the expandtion team to be successful, its all about promotion, marketing, and a quality product on the field and exposure. Look what WWF HAVE GONE AND THE NFL from what is was to what it is now with more exposure and promotion of their product.
Take the leaque to the sky`s, make it bigger and better. Build our leaque on merit,pride, product, and prosperity! A Ten Team Vibrant LEAQUE to a maxium of twelve should be the agenda and please concentrate on our Football, the CFL not the NFL.

Good Luck to you Commissioner, please listen to your CFL fans and lets work together and grow our leaque together and keep and build our grat game and leaque to the best it can be so we all can be
proud canadians coast to coast, proud as CFL fans and our country,proud of the CFL and proud of something is our`s.

                CFL FAN HALIFAX

Not to worry, the NFL will never come to Canada. The NFL is about revenue generation and increasing team value. Canada cannot generate anywhere near what the US gets in corporate TV revenues. In short the Canadian team would not ADD to the collective value of the league, therefore there will never be a reason for the US owners to approve a franchise here, there will not be anything in it for them in coming here.

Thanks, I hope the new commissioner reads my post, what do you think of the contents. Please give me your insight.

i agree the NFL will never have a team in canada...

but i also agree, keep them out pre-season or reg season games...that does NOTHING to help the CFL.

Thanks I glad you agree, i hope the New Commissioner is listening and reading are posts!

I understand your passion but I think your a little paranoid. And besides that he is the CFL commish not the World Commish he cant stop a team, game or anything the NFL can or could do in Canada.

Sounds to much like a dictatorship type of mentality. Same thing with the broadcasting rules in place that prevent certain networks like TSN from having to compete with the American networks like ESPN.

How would you feel if our game and leaque disappers because of the NFL in Toronto and TAKES away The Grey Cup!

Why would ESPN compete with itself? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Okay, it owns only 20% of TSN, but you know what I mean. ESPN programming is a staple of TSN and even the whole SportsCentre experience is pure ESPN...:wink:

It's a protectionist mentality. Mark Cohen isn't going to hold back the NFL hordes with pitchforks, crosses, or even golden arches ( :wink: ), it will be the NFL doing that itself.

Methinks that as long as the NFL has a option-year signing deal and developmental initiatives happening with the CFL that the leagues will continue to co-exist well into the future.

Oski Wee Wee,

Well there are more reasons why the NFL wont come here then why they would...

  1. There isn't a big enough Canadian corp sponsor the NFL would like to grab that they could get in the States.

  2. Many big markets are still available in the states i.e. LA

  3. Growth in tv and fans in general will not increase significantly with a team in Canada.

I don't think like that. I'd rather see the CFL continue to grow so they don't have to worry about the NFL invading the center of the universe.

The NFL has more money then they know what to do with. I don't think they really care about any of that stuff as much as people think.

They would have put a team in L.A 10 years ago if that was a big issue.

Yeah but ESPN doesn't talk about hockey nonstop and employ 500 hockey experts. They have Barry Melrose, and they only give him 20 seconds a week to let everyone know what's going on in the hockey world.

Even though they' try to make it seem like espn north sort of, it just doesn't feel like espn at all

I’m not saying it’s a clone, but there is enough ESPN content in the presentation and show rotation (golf, boxing, PTI, Monday Night Football…should I go on? :wink:) to warrant my comment.

Oski Wee Wee,

Id rather watch ESPN over TSN any day. No matter what time of year it is, who is playing, and what happened in the world of sports Hockey leads off the show. I will never forget when Mike Weir won the Masters and Hockey led off the show.... at that point i was done with Sportscentre.... Sportsnet would never be so foolish.