Import Tax on NFL Merchandise

Why not impose an import tax on all NFL footballs, hats, jerseys, and other merchandise and use these revenues to support both the CFL and amateur football in Canada? I am sure the NFL would not mind given we are such a small market for it.

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That's a brilliant idea, since it's too easy to have access to NFL content and merchandise in Canada. This constant exposure is what the CFL lacks to attract new fans.

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Well. It makes sense to me. I mean, why not let the NFL marketing machine work for the CFL instead of against it. What the hell?

Maybe even a contract tax on every new non-Canadian player signed by a CFL team. Another way to make the wealth of US football talent work for the CFL financially. And, don't believe the NFL would care.

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There is no reason I should pay a tax because YOU like one thing over another

And there is also a little thing called the free trade agreement


Who would impose the tax? the federal government just signed the new free trade agreement which eliminates excise and other taxes on good between our countries.
Once you start imposing a tax on imports then they could turn around and hurt Canada even more.
No, any import tax is bad no matter how you try to spin it.
I believe there is already a 15% sales tax in Canada, use that, why another tax?


I don't think it would be a tax on import, but rather an additional tax at the sale.

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... what?

Because it violates the Free Trade agreements

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Interesting idea, but that would likely violate trade laws with the US and I doubt Canada wants to open that can of worms of renegotiation again!

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It is thinking out of the box I like . At least your spitballing and it involves us playing the game .

But it would be a negative trying to be positive . Even if it was legal to do; it would be seen as a negative .

NFL does flag football here and invest with our youth with NFL players . They go into the university level as well .

CFL has been making in roads with it's shared flag programs and CFL players . They need to do a huge over haul of reaching out and establishing OUR league and really mean it .

It just needs more a concentrated effort and money lot's more money with a healthy sponsorship and huge national branding .

The OUR league campaign was one of the best campaign this league produced in my lifetime .

That video they made still gets me going .


Guys and gals, as an importer from Canada and exporter to Canada even as a small business, there are already enough taxes collected and they are mostly when exporting to include the GST and PST or HST plus customs duties and fees even on some goods under the free trade agreement.

I pay no taxes when importing or perhaps the manufacturer picks up any of those small amounts for me though there is no sales tax on the goods (and most any food for that matter) where I live or do business on the ground. Free trade is not really free as many believe it is as well.

When you add costs on top of these, there are numerous consequences and I assure you the other side of the border here won't sit idly and not in turn take measures associated with Canadian goods so as to not help your exporters.

We have a great relationship already for trade at least between countries as the rest is being repaired as most of we Americans look on with some shame of our recent past.

Let's keep it going for a good while before tinkering at all I say.


It could be a sales tax thing. But, import tax, no problem, free trade agreement has room for countries to agree to such just prevents unilateral imposition...and, as I stated before, it would be a gift to Trudeau from Biden administration and NFL would not care.

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Free Trade Agreement: prevents unilateral imposition of duties, but, it does not prevent the US and Canadian governments agreeing to such a measure. And, Biden likes Trudeau and vice versa and NFL would not care. No big deal.

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Nope. No free trade agreement would prevent Canadian and U.S. governments from agreeing to this measure. Free Trade Agreements only prevent unilateral implementation, they absolutely do not prevent two sides from agreeing to this.

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There is not going to be an amendment to the existing agreement just for your idea or similar.

I say don't rock that boat, but obviously you don't agree.

Our trade relationship is just fine as it is too, but obviously you disagree beyond your idea as you note here.


I guess. Good point.

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Free Trade Agreement: prevents unilateral imposition of duties, but, it does not prevent the US and Canadian governments agreeing to such a measure. And, Biden likes Trudeau and vice versa and NFL would not care. No big deal.


What are you talking about?

Free Trade means just that; no random tariffs
If a country was going to violate the agreement I can personally guarantee you it would not be to protect CFL merchandising

NFL most definitely would care if it effects their bottom line as well
That league is very litigious and protects its assets

And as a final point Biden is not our friend in this matter
He ran on an entire America First platform
(Trump was the one who was way more Free Trade anyhow)
Its same in Canada; PC is far more likely to support and Liberal far more likely to go against it

But seeing as we are a country who tends to export raw materials and import goods it is no chance in the world we would ever go for this

Which brings me back to why should I pay a tax because you prefer one thing over another

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Yes he is

Uh no way!
Trump wanted no tariffs on American products going into Canada and a tariff on everything going into the US

Not anymore JT has signed quite a few international free trade agreements...a few that he should not have

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I agree that's it's quite a stretch to argue that Trump was Canada's friend though they did end NAFTA and replace it with a better deal, though I do agree also that Biden generally is not but for better diplomacy with his cabinet and staff and quite simply cordial.

That is nonsense on all 3 points you made and sorely lacking any actual facts

The only thing Biden does better than Trump is (as Paolo points out) he is a far better diplomat and way more cordial to Trudeau

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