Import running back

Does anyone else find it odd and not very eise to only have one import running back in Cameron Marshall and he is on the 6 game injury list. It seems like we would,be in a bind if the national at RB doesn’t work. I think they should have kept Lawry around in case the Nationals flop. I do get it that Import RB’s are said to be easy to find but they still have to learn the CFL game and our offence.
My bet is that the national RB project will fail and they will be scrambling to find an import possibly inviting Lawry back.
Just a prediction. Orlondo seems like a very bright man but his handling of the ratio using a national at RB with no Import RB available seems not so wise. I also think starting Leonard at halfback will prove to be not so wise. Starting an import at Center over veteran Filer is also a questionable move and concerning when you see Masoli making a sratement wearing Filers shirt

You know who would be a great import running back for this team to sign ? That James Wilder fella

Any word on when we’ll sign Wilder ?? Just curious is all . The reason I ask is because I remember reading that another poster had mentioned that Wilder would be signing here after he was cut by that team in Toronto . Can’t recall exactly which poster it was that originally mentioned it but just thought you might know who he/she was ?

If you hear anything could ya please let me know ?

It also seems to me that the National RB was force fed a bit.

Coaching staff knows these guys better than us though.
Between Thomas E, Bennett and Irons they feel we have enough National talent to pull it off.
We will see if they are correct.

Why be concerned when there is no reason to be concerned yet? It seems like pointless mellow drama to me.

JennyCat - You answered me back about Marshall’s injury a couple days ago and I too see it as odd that the team is going against the league norm of using American RBs. I wish the best for STE and Irons tonight and moving forward but do these guys have the abilities that Cornish had a couple years back when the Stamps’ Canadian RB plan worked? Sure, there’s no reason to panic before these Canadians have had a chance. But this Cats’ experiment starts tonight.

That concerns me as well. I would love to have Wilder, but why didn’t we just keep Alex Green? Great, hard-nosed who can also block, catch the ball and had a nose for the end zone. If we were going to go with a national at RB, we should have also re-signed Mercer Timmis.

Wilder’s still on the Argo’s active roster, is he not? Was somebody doing an April Fools thing last Sunday?

Also, having a converted DB attempting to play RB as your backup makes no sense. How did the Defensive Tackle(name escapes me) work out at FB last year? We have great Canadian talent and depth. I think we can afford to have an american RB. I’d have preferred to start 2 canadians at receiver by keeping Shamawd Chambers. The running game is very important. Hope we don’t go back to the Austin unbalanced offence with Condell as the OC.

I thought he was too, last time I looked. Where did someone hear he was cut? I think Alex Green is still available.

You know what’s also important about the RB position in the CFL, Rockfish? … blocking for your QB. We had an American last year who did that well.

It’s not “odd” at all. The team has decided to go National at RB and they have two-back-ups for Thomas-Erlington. If it doesn’t work out they could bring back Lawry or bring Marshall off the six game injury list early (nobody really knows how badly “injured” he is). I could tell you what I think is odd though.

Which, if you listened to Masoli’s interview said that Thomas-Erlington was a very good blocker. We shall see.

Nikita Whitlock.

Yes, and we let him go for some odd reason.

Thank you.

I can help with why we let Whitlock go.

Nikita Whitlock
American DT
28 years old
28 CFL games with 33 tackles and 6 sacks

Dylan Wynn
American DT
26 years old
26 CFL games with 64 tackles and 8 sacks

Nikita Witlock stuck with this team for one year, because he was versatile. It’s also what kept him on the Giants roster for two years. If you are not above average at one position, atleast be somewhat average at multiple positions.

"Teams gotta improve…but keep the names I know, cut the ones I don’t " .
The HTC fanbase battle cry.
Loud and proud.

Very good observation. ?

I too am a bit worried. The Cats look too one dimensional. What we need is a break-away back like
wilder and another fast reciever like Banks who can take the presser off Speedy.(like Carter)

So we will see what happens and make changes if things don’t work out.