import rule purpose?

Why is there a restriction on limiting non-Canadian citizens as players in the league?

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There isn't. It has nothing to do with your birth certificate, although USUALLY there is a parallel. It has to do with what country your teenage football training was taken in. There are a couple of different criteria of which I cannot quote off hand, but basically, if you're Canadian, but played your high school football in the states, you're an import, but if you're American (or any other nationality) and you play your high school ball outside of the united states, you're a non-import. There may be some extra details that make exception on a case by case basis, but pretty much that's it.

Does it deny many Americans from playing pro ball in the CFL? Yes it does. But US Immigration has even stricter rules. When the CFL had American teams in the mid 90s, US Immigration law strictly forbid "reserving a job specifically for a foreigner" which menat that the American teams had the distinct advantage of ignoring the ratio and filling their rosters with pure NCAA talent. Which was a major snafu and black eye on the league in my opinion out of the whole US expansion era.

Why do we have a non-import ratio? Simple. We don't have the NCAA up here. We don't have a multi million dollar college football politico-business churning out players 100-fold to what our 30 program extra curricular CIS program and fleedling junior system can. Most Canadian players get a very big part of their training and development AS BACKUPS IN THE CFL.

If it weren't for the ratio, each team would have 2 or 3 local boys tops on the roster. That's why.

Why don't you find someone who wants to start a football league in the states and tell them all these ideas? Get a 3 down league down there! You could have more than 8-10 teams if you want, no import rule, a team in Honolulu, heck, you could even relocate/create/fold teams every couple years like the AFL if you want. It would be just like every other league that's tried to compete with the NFL, but with 3 downs. Then, you Americans can enjoy Canadian rules football and not worry about anyone calling it Canada's game. Don't forget to play the championship game in Vancouver every year.

Seriously. This is the Canadian Football League. The vast majority of support for it comes from Canada. It's awesome if Americans are exposed to and enjoy watching CFL football, however, it is not the league's duty to appeal to US fans. Import restrictions exist in many professional sports league out there, anyway. Nearly every European hockey league has them, for example. It's not some brand new idea thought up by the CFL. It's the Canadian Football League and we want Canadian content. I assure you, there are no plans in the works to turn it into the American Football League any time soon. Deal with it. It's awesome for Americans to take to the CFL, but it's not going to stop being the CFL for American fans.

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Have you been to the Arizona/Mexico or the Texas/Mexico border lately??? Fill me in on that because I'm all ears.

By the way, your Chevy automobile plant in Windsor, Ontario came from the United States and provides jobs to your average Joe living in Canada which out numbers in droves the number of CFL non-import spots. Not sure why Canada didn't honor its pledge to the "Canadian Statue of Liberty" by opening the doors to its CFL rosters. You have access to American colleges here to play ball. Sounds like Canada got a HUGE benefit and did not return a miniscule CFL roster favor?

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And Canada is the #1 supplier of crude oil to the US so what ?

Border control in the US is what it is because for two decades your country wanted to cheap, slave labor from Mexico. NOT OUR PROBLEM... Frankly you can keep your dirty banks, Brittney, Lohan and even your dirty car companies that empty their bank accounts, cheat its workers and then need our money to bail them out. I like most Americans but the least we see of your decadent and crumbling empire the better.


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Last year you suggested that the Vanier Cup game be moved to the US. In a more recent thread, you suggested that we move the Grey Cup to the US. Now you're telling us we should load up our rosters with American players, which would consequently reduce the Canadian content to a footnote. You must think Canadians have no self-respect, and that we're just sitting up here freezing our nads off in adoration of Uncle Sam.... or something like that.

Oh, and what does auto manufacturing have to do with football? Was there a football clause in the Auto Pact that no one knew about? Picking Windsor was a silly example to pick, by the way. It's not exactly a hotbed for CFL support there.

...about as much as this: remember that time when the yanks started a war with those guys up north and we totally burnt down Washington DC as a result?

....I think the motto of that war was 'we don't start fights, we finish them'...and so far the U.S. hasn't tried it again...(although if they did it would be a pretty quick surrender I would imagine, 'cept in Alberta and Sasktachewan, parts of BC, we'd be like 'Wolverines!!!' and lobbin gas-filled beer bottles of kokanee at U.S. Bradleys and stuff, then run up to our cabins to eat frozen maple syrup and blubber, mmmmmm)...

Yall fielded yall best football players against us a few weeks ago and got crushed 50 to 7 by a very sub par team USA...This is a football forum Yall know.....50 TO 7,50 to 7,50 to 7....How that ratio

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No, we didn't field our best players. They were busy with the CFL regular season. What you saw are people who either retired from the CFL, never made it there in the first place, or haven't yet had the chance to play there because they're not done university yet.

I don't think anybody expected them to win gold, but they won every other game they played. The only close game was Japan.