Import rule 2

I came up with this rule:

  1. The Import rule should be for what College you graduated from rather than nationality if that isn't the way it is done now. That way players can play either north or south of the broader in college. As long as they play their junior and senior years and graduate in a Canadian college, they are considered a non import (cuz they have been exposed to the Canadian game). Same should apply to players coming from the CJFL or other leagues.

but my question is, if you are a CFL import player and play for seven years and then become a Canadian citizen, are you still a non import?

if a player that becomes a Canadian isn't consider a non import anymore, then I'm going to throw out this new rule idea above.

Answer honestly! :evil:

I think the school rule works that way now because Cahoon when to school in Canada and is concidered a non-import

but if he becase a Canadian citizen, will he still be a non import?

Kanga, just check out the definitions of Import and Non import in the glossary of the rule book on the site, its a little confusing, so I suggest you read it yourself.

a non-import means he is concidered to be canadian


So if I'm a canadian citizen and I go outside of the country and get football training in that country and I'm above the age of seventeen, I'M AN IMPORT!?!

But I imagine that if you we a player and had played in the CFL as an import for whatever it takes to become a Canadian citizen, I'm sure the league would make the guy a non Import. He isn't a "risk" anymore

No if you are canadian you are always canadian
If you are american educated in canada you are canadian.
If you become a canadian I guess you would be concidered a canadian but I dont know for sure

Well, I guess I better "ask a ref" abou it, but as of this moment, the rule I made up above is DEAD!

Kanga (no offense meant) But you seem to come up with quite a few different ideas on how things should be done in this league. Here's my question.

If you could start your own Football league, what exactly would you do from start to finish that would make your league great???

My apologies to the rest of our posters...but I have to know this!

It's Based Mostly On What Country Your Citizenship Is On Your 18th Birthday. If Your Born A Canadian And Move To Another Country Your Still A Non-Import (Canuk). And Imagration To Canada Is Done A Lot Diffirently From The US Where You Get A Work Visa, Here You Imagrate And Become A Canadian When You Move Here.

everything the CFL has done, with the exception of adds, the 9 rule chages that I suggested, and everuthing I said I didn’t like.

Most imports play in the CFL only for a few years I imagine and then either go on to the NFL or other leagues, but the few imports that say for their entire carrers must be non imports a some point.

Guys abou mu rule chage suggestions, some rules I grow to accept on my own, and then their will be some rules that I just want chaged. I imagine everyone is like that.

I believe that there used to be a system of converting imports to non-imports over time ... but I'm not sure exactly how it worked. It may have had something to do with living in Canada during the off-season. In any case, it's an old rule, someone more experienced may be able to clear it up a bit ... but I distinctly remember reading an article about some CFL rule that would let you gain non-import "status".
Really ... (and disregarding the 3-QB rule) ... Allen, McManus, Calvillo, etc ... those guys are lifers. Yeah, they're all American-born, but I'd consider them non-imports ... Take Allen Pitts. He spent his life with the Stamps and was always considered an import ...

the import rule sucks. the game would be better if the best players were playing and not sitting on the bench because of where they were born. it would add excitement to the game if they got rid of the rule.

the import rule sucks. the game would be better if the best players were playing and not sitting on the bench because of where they were born. it would add excitement to the game if they got rid of the rule.

Fine so lets let the league turn into the NLF north. This is Canada and its a Canadian league
It has nothing to do with sitting on the bench it has to do with players on the roster

No, I strongly disagree, they needs to be a rule on foreigners in the CFL, otherwise the CFL would end up like the NHL is now, and I DON’T WANT THAT! the NHL is now under the dictatorship of a stupid idiot who has no idea what he is doing and has and is running the league and sport into the ground!

CFL needs to remain Canadian! 8)

but if your a foreigner who has played for a long time, you should be a non import once you become a citizen.

Geo, one thing I will never chage abou the CFL is having more divions. This league needs to stay two divisions, East and West, and a team form each needs to play for the Cup.

That is the way it's been and that's the way it should be. 8)

Ive always felt if you play 5 yrs with the same team, you should be
considered a non-import. Nobody likes to see a long time player
have to move to another team to finish up there careers. This would
keep alot of that from happening. imo

In short, the whole import thing is abou preservation and abou a foreign player's exposure to the Canadian game.