Import ratio...

We’ve heard the arguments about why we have the current import ratio. But should we increase the number of imports to improve the overall talent of the CFL?

Nah. I think we should make football lessons mandatory in school. We’d most probably grow more good canadian players.

Its a good mix now. I like the product as it is…although being an “Old Fart” I’m a traditionalist…If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

Only if you think that all Canadian’s suck at football.

i think city leagues should start advertising more… here in Kelowna there were 11 midget house teams i think, not including rep teams… how many football teams were there?.. ONE… i understand that we lost some the the highschool league but its like that all the way up… here are some reasons kids should play football instead of hockey… better emphasis on team, cheaper, gets you in way better shape unless in rep hockey, practices are way funner, team trips, team crap off the football field… there are some others, i just dont feel like writin them in… my point is that in all fairness football should be just as popular as hockey if not more… note: WE NEED MORE MINOR LEAGUE ADVERTISING!!!

How much would you change it?

Hey Blazer, My son on the Lowermainland tells me that Community ball is alive and well with lots of teams and players. The Junior league is still fun to watch and it keeps growing. (New team in Nanaimo).

Average registration cost…$150.00

They don’t “suck”, as you put it. But you can’t argue that americans aren’t better at it than we are. Yes, yes, they start earlier and they better coached, I know. I think we need to increase the ratio by 2-3 imports. But I also think the roster’s should be expanded by that many also. It’s assinine to have one back-up o-lineman in pro football.

I think the rule is well balanced at present. The games are entertaining and I feel more ownership of the CFL having Canadians in it. Take away the Canadians and I think it would be a mistake.