Import Players

I dont understand when people get mad when IMPORT PLAYERS head back south too the NFL.The CFL puts these guys in a bad position in that they are limited too the positions they can play and time.You have 20 roster spots for a Canadian born kid regardless if he has the talent or not.Also you have 7 mandatory Canadians player who have too start regardless if he has the talent or not.So too A american do you think they really feel that they are wanted in the CFL?All I hear on this panel is they want to increase the Canadian content on CFL rosters and they should make teams carry a Canadian born QB so if you were american wouldnt you want to go back too the NFL where you wouldnt have too worry about your place of birth being a problem too play a game?I think the CFL should drop mandatory Canadian starters and raise the mininmun salary too about 60,000.The CFL with its rules hurts the very players it tries too protect the CANADIAN ONES.I will make a bet you will see a CIS trained QB on a NFL roster within the next 10 years.So just like aplayer because he is good not because he was born in another country.

re-"You have 20 roster spots for a Canadian born kid regardless if he has the talent or not"--------- You know this is a completely false statement, why don't you go back to your dinner in the out_house_Troll

The CFL puts these guys in a bad position? How? By giving them a pay cheque for playing a game they couldn't get anywhere else, or was it by giving them exposure to the highest paying football league in the world that they couldn't have gotten anywhere else?

I think he is saying that a bad spot is that some players feel they might not start and play less because of the import rule. I can understand both sides. The NFL does not have an import rule. But for a long time I think they had an unwritten rule against black QB's. That a whole nother subject. And Just because you are imployed does not mean you are being treated fairly or in a great postion.

I would think players leave the CFL for the NFL because you would make more money.