I understand that CFL Teams need to start 7 Non Imports .

It appears at this point in time the cats plan to start 8 ? Why would they plan to start more than they need to



I would have though they would have went with an import at corner for now until Hinds gets back and then put knwolton back when HINDS gets back ....

The depth chart does not show Stala as a starter. Brown is displayed as a starter because the template for the depth chart includes a fullback, but in reality expect the Cats to run a 5 receiver set (adding a 3rd import receiver) most of the time. Only 5 non-imports (3 linemen, two receivers) in the default offensive formation.

Two reasons.

Keep guys fresh
If a guy goes down you don't have to make two changes to your lineup.

The question is who the team identifies as the three designated imports. The depth chart shows only fifteen starting imports instead of the sixteen maximum allowed, leaving four non-starting imports. Of these, three have to be identified as designated imports, who can only come into the game if a starting import comes out, except on special team plays. The fourth non-starting import, on the other hand, is allowed to come into the game without restriction.

So would they have this unrestricted import on offence, a wide receiver or maybe a runningback, allowing them to drop down to five non-imports on offence? Or would it be a lineman, linebacker or defensive back, which would allow them to go to just one non-import on defence?

Don't know where you're getting that from?? They list 16 imports as starters (2 OL, 2 Rec., 1 RB, 1 QB, 4 DL, 2 LB, 4 DB).

QBs don't count towards starting import positions. The import rule for starting positions state that of the 23 non-QB starters, at most 16 can be imports.

Well then, the most likely scenario is that Onrea Jones will be the sixteenth import starter even though they show him as the back-up receiver. They never list a five receiver set on the depth chart. I expect the three designated imports to be Murphy, Walker and Ronnell Brown.

I may be way off-base with this, but my guess for the four-man reserve is Jones, R. Brown, I. Brown, and Stephenson, although I wouldn't be totally surprised to see Ray there instead of R. Brown. In this case, I would guess Walker would be the "undesignated" import, allowing him to come in for a two-back set without affecting the starting receiver set.

I'll bet dollars to donuts (and man, I love donuts) that Ray and Ike Brown will be sitting this one out along with Baillargeon on the O-line. No way Stephenson is sitting out. The only problem is that last import spot, which I believe will now be Ronnell Brown even though I originally thought they would dress five import D-lineman.

We'll find out for sure in about seven or eight hours. But my reasoning is this.

If Hage isn't guaranteed to play the entire game, they'll need an extra backup on the O-line. So Baillargeon is dressed.

If Walker is the unrestricted import, he can replace Darcy Brown without restriction to add an extra runningback. So Stephenson wouldn't be needed there, and actually I only remember one game ever where they used him in the backfield. I also don't remember ever noticing him on special teams, so I suspect that he's used more to clog a lane rather than as a chaser. Good to have, but pretty much any linebacker could do the same thing.

I was impressed with Ray in preseason. He seems to have pretty good closing speed and good size. So a pretty good backup for Webb (who also impressed me for his closing speed).

Again, just my guesses. I could be way off-base.

Since we are discussing how bad the Ticat OL was on Friday night and then watching the Argos give Ricky Ray no protection and the same thing in Winnipeg, it is glaringly obvious that we don't have enough good Canadians players on the OL.
A reduction in the NI ratio would allow teams to start two Import OLs if they wanted to and give teams more flexibility if they did want to use the two extra NIs somewhere else. If we get any more injuries on the OL, we are in huge trouble.
When Ottawa enters the league in 014, where will the extra OLs come from? how do teams meet the ratio?

I like how they're handling expansion this time, but I still believe that a 9th team is going to dilute the Canadian talent across the league. We'll see, though. Glad to see they're going to let Ottawa have a chance to pick a good QB instead of selecting third or fourth-stringers, as they did last time around.

I'd like more Canadians in the league. In the NFL, qb's have poor protection as well on teams with poor o-lines that haven't made good picks with that position. As time goes on, we need to be sure more Canadians find jobs in our league. Eventually having all the players Canadian is a dream of mine personally.

So let me get this right because a few teams do not seem to have good NI on the Oline, the problem is the lack of good NI Oline guys..... Interesting logic, since other teams seem to manage to get good NI Oline guys, or they find good NI for other positions.

Seems to me the question should be why is it that some teams seem to be able to find good NI Oline guys and others can not. Maybe the problem is the lack of good Canadian scouting by some teams, not the lack of good NI players...

Ya right. Most teams can’t even find seven truly deserving non-import starters let alone the twenty non-imports that teams are forced by the league to put on the rosters. And you want to all the players to be Canadian. Just change the name to the Canadian Beer League and you can sit in the stands with the two dozen or so wives and girlfriends that will be at the games.
Seriously, if you enjoy watching Canadian football players, then attend CIS games and go nuts. CFL teams and fans are already burdened with enough non-import wannabee professional football players.

Gee seymore, way to insult 160 full-roster players, an unknown number of CIS and NCAA Canadian players, and the VAST majority of board members with that comment. If you don't like the ratio, then don't watch the CFL and stay away from this website. I find your comments insulating. Try saying that to a guy like Dyakowski to his face. But you probably don't have the testicular fortitude to do so.

If you're offended by the truth, that's your problem, not mine. My thoughts on the import ratio are well documented on this board. The ratio is an antiquated and counter-productive rule and serves no useful purpose for teams and fans except to grant free passes to non-import players who do not possess the talent and skills to earn roster positions through fair, head-to-head competition with all other available candidates.
I am the first to agree that there are many non-import players in this league who could legitimately earn roster positions against any competition the teams could recruit. Andy Fantuz, Jon Cornish, Andre Durie, Josh Bourke are a few that come to mind and maybe even Dyakowski but, after last game, I doubt it. However, the majority of non-import players are on rosters simply to fill the quota, effectively lowering the bar on overall talent and skill level in the league. The real loser in this scenario is the fan who is cheated out of seeing CFL football at its best, played by the best available players, simply to satisfy an arbitrary, counter-productive quota.

You can speak for yourself if you want but when you say "CFL fans are burdened" you are out of line and you clearly don't represent this CFL fan. I don't feel cheated at all. I enjoy seeing CIS and CEGEP guys playing pro ball. I would not be interested in UFL North.

The Lions start 2 import OL under the current ratio.

This is Canadian football. At least half the players are Canadian. Always will be and always have been. Those that don't like it should watch some other league or sport and stop complaining "it isn't the best". I hear they are starting up a new USFL, you can watch all those fringe NFL'ers there...but then again probably not for long. :oops:

I'd like the league to go with 21 Americans and 21 Canadians on the active rosters, in any position including QB's. This way Canadian QB's would count in the ratio, giving teams an extra import player if a Canadian QB was dressed. The 7 Canadian starters should remain but now with 17 American starters...and 2 Designated Imports who can only replace another American on the field. The 3 QB's on the roster could not play in any other position. If a Canadian QB became the starter, that would allow for an additional American starter in another position...a big advantage.

There has been some consideration of allowing the 4 non-active roster players to play, since they are being paid their full salary anyway. But these guys would just be backups and take away opportunities from Canadians (and rookie imports) to develop. I'd say just do away with these 4 positions and expand the practice roster instead.


Of course I don't speak for all CFL fans nor do I represent you. That burden is yours and yours alone.
I'm referring to fans who have stated their opposition to the import rule - some of whom have stated as much on this board. Fans such as those who cite the absurdity of forcing a team to start an under-talented, under-skilled player while a more talented, more exciting and deserving import player at that position is forced to stand on the sidelines or not dress at all due to the import quota. Just dumb IMO.