Import Kickers

There has been lots of talk as to “wasting” an import in a kicking role. The implication being I guess that a kicker is a less important position and therefore should be filled by the less talented Canadian. Is it really less important?

Kickers lead the team in scoring.
Kickers lead the league in scoring.
The team that scores more wins.
The average margin of victory is about 6 points
Kickers are involved with the ball about 20 times a game.
Top receiver between 6-8
Feature back: 6-10
Outside of the centre and QB the kicker is more involved with the ball than any other player.
Special teams are 1/3 of a teams success or failure. Kickers are the key ingredient.

So why is it considered a less important position?

Good points

It's just as important maybe more than most positions.That's why I have no problem with Obie going to Import kickers this year, they're a dime a dozen and a lot easier to replace than N/I kickers.

I think you make great points. I think the reason why teams want NI kickers is simply because in general NI kickers are often just as good as their Import counterparts. The kicking game in the CFL is crucial and it's a very different kicking game than in the US.

Hit the nail right on the head, Geroy !

Any time you can play a NI in a position in which he can play in comparison to an import you simply must, due to ratio rules. It is easier to fill a kicker with a NI that it is an "impact" player...someone you is every single offensive or defensive play. Just because you don't touch the ball it does not mean that the threat of you even being on the field isn't there. If I had to choose between a import kicker who hit 90% a NI who hit 86%, an import LB who got 3/4 a sack a game and 3-4 tackles vs a NI who got 1/4 sack per game, and 2 tackles, was a little slower and lighter, and I had a NI role to fill, well, the import linebacker gets the nod as does the NI kicker.

the only thing that might sway my opinion is if that import kicker could hit kicks from 55yard 70% or better.

A good kicking game is crucial in the field position battle and is more evident in the 3-down version of football. Getting an almost always automatic 3 points in key field goal situations, (especially late in games) is even more critical. Why this seems to get little consideration from coaches continues to be a mystery.

I have been critical of my team having a mediocre import taking up ratio space. If you are going to utilize an import at the kicker position, he should at least be a supurb kicker which IMHO is not the case in Edmonton.

Agreed. Duval definitely doesn't look like he's worth wasting an import spot on anymore. Maybe 3 or 4 seasons ago.

yup, this. not because it's less important, because NI kickers are just as good as imports.. may as well use an NI spot there, where there's very little if any drop off.


The use of import kickers has also impeded development of Canadian kickers and you see the effect today. You go back 10 years or more most teams had awesome Canadian kickers and this allowed teams to develop Canadian kickers to back them up. When the CFL started playing with ratios and designated players, one area where teams dipped to imports was the kicking position. In fact all the greatest kickers in this league have been Canadian, there are so many, I can't name them all and most played 13 to 21 years, that brings a lot of stability to your roster. This is one of the reason that we can't allow our league to water down Canadian content.

The same argument why many say that if the league made QB's part of the ratio, teams would have to think more.

Damon Duval is a mystery wrapped in an enigma... There is a lot of similarity between him and Casey Printers in more ways then one and it can't be easily explained how these things happen.

interesting comment. could well be true.

my post isnt about duval necessarily but i understand the linkage.

would we even have import kickers withouth the designated import rule?