Impending Trouble in BC?

Why would you say its dumb Braley has done nothing for this league in its growth in any of the cities that he has owned a team. Last time I saw mr.absentee owner at an Argo game was at the 2012 grey cup !where he was cheering on the Calgary stampedes to beat his own toronto argonauts team because Braley wanted the Argos to lose the game so he didn’t have to buy each player on the argonauts a grey cup ring! Braley will go down as one of the worst owners in the cfl next to the glibermans,horn Chen of the world biggest cheapskate walking this planet today.

He’ll be gone soon 1991 as your owner in TO. Hey, you can always go and watch the plebes soccer thingy in TO for excitement. :wink:

seriously… Can argo1991 not highjack every thread. what a putz

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All we have to do to stop the highjacking is ignore it, disregard it and offer your opinion on the topic if you have one.

I don’t share the pessimism - just yet anyway. Wally never said he didn’t want Korey back. He just didn’t want to extend a 34-year old who, frankly, wasn’t very effective in the SAM or nickelback position (although he was always a shut-down halfback) and was somewhat under-sized for it. But he was invited him to camp to compete. Korey popped off several times in the media and was traded to Winnipeg.

Sure there are some “what if’s” heading into the year. Travis had off-season shoulder surgery for which it has been reported that he is ahead of schedule (pretty solid tandem with Travis and Buck). Stubler is gone (Mark Washington is an up-and-coming coach that deserved his shot). Chapdelaine is now Head Coach at SFU (Lions fans have been crying out for change at OC for years. Khari Jones is somewhat inexperienced, but a bright football mind).

I read several weeks ago (NEWS1130 Twitter account) that the Lions are ahead of last year’s season ticket pace, probably due to the Grey Cup being here. There’s no doubt Vancouver was caught up in “Seahawks Mania,” but sometimes a rising tide floats all boats. This could elevate football interest overall in this market.

There’s no way I am going to be pessimistic in early February. Let’s see what unfolds in the coming months before writing off ANY team.

Rhymes...Do you share at all my feeling that Buono as a GM is taking too much centre stage, perhaps undermining Benevides?

Actually, Braley is one of the best owners in the CFL because he saved both BC and Toronto from going out of business. Marketing isn't just promotion but also product and place. Braley's teams have done well as both have won grey cups and play in excellent stadiums. Average game attendances tend to remain consistent over the years but this is normal for Vancouver and Toronto.