Impending Trouble in BC?

I see many warning signs coming out of BC. We have criticized GMs like Hervey and Popp for being too vocal. I see the same thing with Buono. I feel for Benevides. Just a few doors down from the legendary micromanaging boss coach who is criticizing the leadership of the team, bringing in Buck to provide this (undermining Lulay) criticizing publicly the running game, the play calling, and openly saying he was mentoring Chapdelaine. Its not the GM's job to be speaking publicly of these things. I think its undermining.

I personally think that is why they've had such turnover and difficulty attracting coordinators. Buono is walking a very fine line. I think he is having a hard time not being in charge of everything and is getting in the way. Certainly he should not be speaking to reporters about these internal issues.

Have no fear. Paopao is here. :rockin: :rockin:

Interesting, hard to know for some people when to let go and when not too. Seems perhaps Wally is holding on a bit too tight these days and that usually isn't good.

....and if things go badly at the beginning of the 2014 season...look for Wally to go back behind the bench and bye bye Benevides ...Seems that's the way it's heading.. :roll:

Funny you should say that because I have a feeling Benny is the guy Montreal wants.'ll probably have to wait for a bit. Not long probably. Game 9 perhaps. You can smell a firing here from a mile away. Or even 450 KM away.

They extended Benevides this year but if Buono wants to go behind the bench again, and I say he does, then the money will be neutralized.

That’s so weird. Wally was taking about retiring all together two years ago. He’s aged a lot recently. Really entering “Senior” territory, why would he want to do that ?

Nahh. Wally is not undermining or micromanaging anything. BC is fine.

BC Calgary and Sask all have only one problem. Each other.

with all the changes and if the team gets off to a bad start I can see the lions getting back to there 20,000 crowds they were at in the mid 90,s I have been talking to a lot people that follow this team and nobody is excited about this team.

and maybe the hawks winning the super bowl is going to transfer some of those fans to the hawks

Ya I absolutely agree. They need to get off to a good start and the lack of buzz is deafening. Vancouver is much like Montreal. Event oriented, exciting and winning is a must. Very few hard core CFL fans in this town. Buono, while often thought of as a great guy, is totally ruthless, media dominant and won't allow "his" team and perceived legacy to stray from his vision and direction. Young , totally inexperienced staff, kind of a vanilla QB coming off shoulder surgery. Terrible long ball accuracy at the best of times. Grey Cup coming. Buono likes the light, god complex. Yikes.

It's not difficult to be a great fan of both a CFL team and NFL team. If people in Vancouver don't see the differences between what winning the Grey Cup means and winning the Super Bowl and know how to respect and want both for their teams each year, then they really don't "get" it. Grey Cup = national football champs of Canada and having the Grey Cup in your town as the winning national champs, and a cultural aspect of what the CFL is. Super Bowl = regarded as the championship for the American version of the game with what are perceived as the "best" players where the most money and Americanized glitz and glory is.

Both work but I get it, right now the Seahawks are the defending champs for that league so "jump on the big league bus" while the Lions are not for the league they play in so harder to "jump on the national champs of your country bus". :wink: If my NFL team the Vikes were in the Super Bowl, I'd be more buzzed about them right now at this time than the TigerCats, and I'm a huge CFL fan.

Looking forward to the CFL season though and who will be the 102nd Grey Cup champs!

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Yes doesn't surprise me with mr.absentee owner David Braley looking over this franchise that attendance and everyone's interest would start to decline especially after bob ackles passed away. Let's hope Braley sells this team ASAP before we have another situation like toronto. Amazing with all them grey cups that Braley has gotten through out the years as a host city that he hasn't managed to gain any new fans to his teams. I think David Braley master plan to owning a cfl team is to spend the absolute minimum to run a cfl team and not spend any money on marketing,game day experience,practice facility's for the players etc...and then try to host as many grey cups as possible for his host city to offset the losses that occur to his poor work with running these teams this way at the end of the day David Braley is the only winner in all of this where he gets to become a little richer in his wallet for hosting these grey cups. Unfortunately for us cfl fans and everyone else who is associated with any club that David Braley owns has to suffer through his vision of running every cfl team as minor league.
Can't wait the day when David Braley quits running these teams into the ground and watch the cfl expand and increase in popularity throughout Canada!

Joe should have a life time pass to BC lions as ambassador. One nice guy. Good leader and example for all. Go go Joe!!!!!

Paopao, solid all the way, a character man the way I always saw him along with some excellent skill set as a player. Low key, not loud, but a competitor all the way. :thup:

Have to disagree:

  • I don't see any evidence of micro-managing outside of his area of direct responsibility.
  • Bringing in Buck was in no way undermining Lulay.
  • When things are going badly, it IS the role of the boss-of-the-boss to speak out and remind players and coaches who they are accountable to.
  • I don't see that we've had any great difficulty attracting coaching staff nor has BC's turnover rate been excessive.

The problem is that both Toronto and BC have difficult challenges with the local culture and business interests in making CFL football economically viable. Why should ANY owner want to lose money? Braley has likely broken-even with the Grey Cup profits barely covering the sustained losses in Toronto. If there are issues it is that a replacement for the team President that can captivate the local fans and business community like Ackles did.

"" Now sorry this comment is dumb for sure

I hope you are right.
I don't see bringing Buck in as undermining Lulay as such. It was the GM publicly saying, not the coach, that the leadership of the team was poor and HE was bringing in another QB, Pierce to help with that. I agree that it is the gm's role to address these issues. My concern is that he took centre stage and talked to reporters, effectively kneecapping his HC and the QB. Then he publicly said he had to correct the play calling and the running game. That is not his place to do that in such a fashion. It deliberately shames his staff. It can be done in a much better way, in private with his staff and have them be public if need be.
Then firing two coordinators and leaving his HC with raw rookies in those roles.
Having the QB coach walk out in a huff.
Being too public about HIS concerns with Banks. Just trade him.
Altogether too much noise from him.
I sure wouldn't want him as a boss.
My bet is Benevides doesn't either.
My guess is he won't be for the whole season or for long after it.

Anyway just my thoughts. Thanks for sharing yours.