Impact of Ottawa folding...

Today we see who the victims of the CFL folding a franchise.


Derek Armstrongs

Ivan Birungi

David Stevens

and many more may have had a shot at a pr spot had ottawa not folded...

Yes, not to mention the fact that some Canadian players didn't have a chance to be drafted.

Trouble is that many of the teams didn't have room for them. Wpg and Sask esp benefitted from the folding.

I know there will be those who say this proves that Gades' roster was weak. They would be missing the point.

But I do have to laugh at one premise behind the decision. They were afraid of a media circus should the team falter or the fan support wasn't there. Instead they've got the RW circus and another of those attempts to bounce a commissioner.

I think if one looks at everything that was involved in the decision and the resultant "hiccups," it didn't go quite as planned.

But if Wright gets a top-calibre owner and team returns in 07, I'm sure the "damage" will be minimized.

Also would have liked to see David Stevens pick up with a team. The guy is just plain talented. Stupid CIS not letting him play another year.

Apparently he was offered a spot on the development roster but probably will turn it down to go work as a firefighter back home.

Too bad to see such a great team fold because of ownership stupidity. Like always i am moving on.

We do have almost true CFL parity , an even number of CFL teams , 8 stronger teams money wise.

We will not have to worry about any team in money trouble this year.

Most of the press will be about CFL football not the off field stuff.

We could also have one of the closet seasons in CFL history.

And we have the proper time to find a great owner for OTTAWA.

Thanks , TOM WRIGHT! :thup:

There is nohting wrong with the product on the field-- its all the stuff that goes on off the field that is the problem. The Glieberman's should have never been given the chance to own the Ottawa franchise again, the decision to take them back was made way too quickly.

SADLY at that time , no one wanted OTTAWA except them. No local ownership group came forward at all. It was them or nothing.

This is the CFL, HT.

One of the givens is that some off-field stuff will come up --- and dominate the media stories. Whether it lasts a few days, few weeks or a few mths is impossible to answer in advance.

Everyone seems sure about this parity. I am not so sure. Best to wait and see.

your not sure about the parity?...

which teams are the ones heads above the rest?

which are the teams with no chance?

just go look at the predictions page...not too many look similar...

lets hope not. :thup:

the folding has put a daper on the season, but they will be back and hopefully better than ever in 2007.