Impact NFL Rookies 2010

For sake of tracking real contributors versus draft hype, akin to the NFL Drafty Hype & NFL Prototype thread, I put together this list of performers based on significant contributing stats through week 5.

I'll update the list for weeks 10 and 15, and we'll see who is still on it and who makes it anew after many millions have been invested or wasted.

Notice how much the list is dominated by defensive players already and that most of these players are starters now.

With eleven of these impact players selected in the first round and 14 amongst the top 40 players selected, you have to really credit the scouts so far after this past draft despite all the hyped players not making this list (yet).

Players injured and out for the season are left off the list for week 5.

Sorry I could not do better on the format on this site once I posted, but you get the idea when you see names you recognise and a few surprises starting with the third round.

Pick Name Team Pos Games Stats

First Round

2 N. Suh DET DT 5 15 Solo Tackles-3 Assists 3 Sacks 1 PDef 1 Int

5 E. Berry KC FS 4 17-5

8 R. McClain OAK MLB 5 20-11

14 E. Thomas SEA FS 4 19-4 3 PDef 3 Int

18 M. Pouncey PIT C 4

19 S. Weatherspoon ATL OLB 4 25-4 1 Sack

21 J. Gresham CIN TE 5 22-158 2TD

24 D. Bryant DAL WR 4 17-180 1 Punt Ret TD

27 D. McCourty NE CB 4 18-1 2 PDef

30 J. Best DET RB 5 5TD

32 P. Robinson NO CB 3 13-1 2PDef

Second Round

36 D. McCluster KC WR 4 7-93 1TD 1 Punt Ret TD 21.9YDS/KR

37 N. Allen PHL FS 5 18-0 1 Sack 6PDef 3Int

38 T.J. Ward CLE SS 5 34-9 1 PDef 1 Forced Fumble

47 D. Washington AZ ILB 5 27-4

49 T. Mays SF SS 4 15-2 1FF 1FR TD

Third Round

84 J. Shipley CIN WR 4 15-190

93 T. Moeaki KC TE 4 16-173 2TD

Fourth Round

101 M. Williams TB WR 4 19-238 3TD

108 J. Ford OAK KR 5 22.9YDS/KR

113 A. Hernandez NE WR 4 18-240

Seventh Round

210 C. Grimm TB FS 2 15-5 1 PDef 1 Int 1TD

222 M. Mariani TEN KR 5 28.3YDS/KR 1TD

104 A. Verner TEN CB 5 27-3 5 PDef 1 Int

Forgot one overlooked 4th rounder ...

What a steal Mike Williams was in the fourth round. Cody Grimm needs some work but he has the potential.

Here's my updated list. Please note I exclude players injured and out for the season.

Some of these rookies are feature players and/or starters and a few even stars. All of these players have had significantly high positive impact for their teams merely as rookies.

Most telling is that 12 of them are first-rounders with half of those offensive linemen. Basically if it is not an offensive lineman in the first round, as a GM you would get less than a coin flip of a shot for sake of your multi-million dollar contract offer and have to wait until years two and three in most cases with the odds historically against you in that regard.

And then for the rest of the draft it really is sort of a lottery unless perhaps you are the New England Patriots.

In bold text are those rookies who were on my "Armchair GM" list to be at least feature players too. No surprises in that regard in the first round as shown, but I missed quite a few whom I had picked to be on this list with most of them not even close. All the same I did find a few gems in depth as indicated.

What a crapshoot! Next NFL draft unless it is an OL I think I'll just stick to the first round.

Pick Name Team Pos Games Stats

First Round

[b]2 N. Suh DET DT 10 31Solo Tackles-10Assisted Tackles 7Sack 1PDef 1Int

4 T. Williams WAS T 8

5 E. Berry KC FS 10 44-14 2Sack 4PDef 2Int 1Forced Fumble

6 R. Okung SEA T 4

11 A. Davis SF T 10

14 E. Thomas SEA FS 10 46-9 7PDef 5Int

17 M. Iupati SF G 10

18 M. Pouncey PIT C 9

21 J. Gresham CIN TE 10 42-330 3TD

23 B. Bulaga GB T 6[/b]

24 D. Bryant DAL WR 10 44-547 6TD 2PRTD

27 D. McCourty NE CB 10 47-7 10PDef 3Int

Second Round

33 R. Saffold STL T 10

38 T.J. Ward CLE SS 61-9 7PDef 2Int 1FF

42 R. Gronkowski NE TE 10 6TD

63 Pat Angerer IND MLB 8 30-19 1Sack 2PDef 1FF

Third Round

[b]69 J. Veldheer OAK T 5

73 J. Jerry MIA G 6[/b]

84 J. Shipley CIN WR 9 45-480 1TD

93 T. Moeaki KC TE 9 31-378 2TD

Fourth Round

101 M. Williams TB WR 10 43-681 6TD

104 A. Verner TEN CB 10 45-4 10PDef 2Int 1Fumble Recovery

113 A. Hernandez NE WR 10 35-444 3TD

Fifth Round

137 P. Cox DEN CB 9 33-1 10PDef 1Int 1FF

Sixth Round

198 D. Gettis CAR WR 9 25-400 3TD

Seventh Round

210 C. Grimm TB FS 10 39-14 2PDef 2Int 1TD 1FF

222 M. Mariani TEN KR/PR 10 35-920 26.3AVG 1TD / 17-290 17.1AVG 1TD

Undrafted Free Agent

C. Ivory NOL RB 8 101-481 4.8AVG 1TD

B. Banks WAS KR/PR 7 27-714 26.4AVG 1TD / 19-252 13.3AVG

Suh has been a beast so far, I wish the Lions would have passed on him because McCoy has done nothing thus far.

Pouncey could be a pro-bowl centre in his first year and Iupati is a pretty good run blocker.

1st Rounders (1) QB Sam Bradford and b SS Joe Haden[/b] and 4th Rounder (108) KR/WR Jacoby Ford can be added to the list below.

5th Rounder Perrish Cox, on trial now for multiple counts of sexual assault and risking prison time, can be removed.

With a lockout looming next season, other than for the linemen and the 1st rounders, I think it's an even bigger crapshoot on how many of these players will have even a feature role for 2012.

The draft classes of 2010 and 2011 could be in a few years amongst the two classes of lost draftees for sake of proportional representation amongst the feature players, starters, and stars of the league.

[url=] ... -6364.html[/url]

Several rookies, plus other guys who were previously undrafted or low draft picks, who have had a playoff impact are covered in this article along with more.

I'd say undrafted Sam Shields, who was on my "Armchair GM list," and Legarrett Blount, who was on on that of no one honest, could be added to the following list too. James Starks? Not really I say, but he did make an impact in the wildcard game.