Impact host Toronto FC at the Big O in MLS rivalry day 37k

The MLS promoted a league wide Rivalry Day in which the Impact moved their game against Toronto FC to Olympic from BMO to the tune of 37K plus.
With Ottawa back in the Mix in the CFL it would be great if the CFL could promote such a game at Olympic once a season between the two Train travel rivals.
With the lower bowl being mostly filled for the game at the Big O it really looked to create a pretty good atmosphere.
This is what I suspect that the CIS will be looking to do next year for the Vanier Cup and have it in Montreal for its 50th year celebration.

In inquiring about such a game at RC with the Argos hosting the nearby rival hamilton but between the terrible traffic on the QEW and the general hatred everyone has for football at the Rogers Centre I could see how such an idea would be hard to promote and could quickly be squashed.

Largest crowd at Rogers Centre besides Grey Cup, was the last regular season game vs Hamilton, appox. 28,000.
Most of them were Hamilton Fans :thup:

No the largest crowd besides the Grey Cup was TFC vs LA Galaxy, sold out at 45,000 (45k capacity for soccer)

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TFC vs Liverpool in a "friendly" in front of 33,000 with the cheapest tickets at $59

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Also 3 of the Jays games were over 40,000 last year

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That likely won't happen again now that Beckham has left.

That was a nice crowd from some very loyal Ti Cat fans i must say. it was a nothing game for the Argos but meant the playoffs if the Cats won. Still you would think that every Ti Cat fan would have been at a playoff type game. Just between the QEW and the general hatred Hamiton fans have for Rogers Centre just seems to be so bad that prople just flat out refuse to go.
Good thing that MAC and OUA fans do not share that same hatred or last years Vanier cup would not have had so many walk up tickets and record breaking crowd.

Yeah and this year they were down to,25,000 at the dome, that's a huge drop for TFC. Of course it's not mentioned in the MLSE owned media

It's also never mentioned that TFC has not sold oust BMO in over 3 years, but asks joe average sport fan on the street and they would still,think TFC sells,out

TFC may be struggling with MLS home games but it appears that the Impact Rivalry when TFC visit Montreal seem to be off to a good start and that is what the intention of this thread was for to see if the Alouettes, Ottawa, and the CFL can promote a one game rivalry match with Ottawa each season that could result in a similar crowd each season of 37K plus for an Ottawa vs Montreal game at Olympic adding one game a season back to the larger Big O and generate some nice revenue at the gate for Montreal in such a rivalry match once a season.
Toronto FC and the MLSE and BMO are a whole different situation that does seem to have its problems whic I know little about but for the MLS to have three franchises in Canada's 3 largest cities is part of a much bigger revenue source for the MLS even with TFC struggling having them in Canada with games at Montreal being a big draw and revenue sharing that comes from TV and sponsorships coming from Canadian Networks as well as US networks most likely keep TFC a float.
With Ottawa going through the NASL route similar to Montreal and can get into the MLSE that will mean more Canadian network revenue.
New venues in Hamilton and Winnipeg will also be looking to fill dates so who knows what that may be headed.
The Hamilton Nationals of the MLL field Lacrosse league currently play at Ron Joyce which seems to be large enough for their current attendance but with a new venue with modern Amenities at Pan Am in Hamilton who knows where a rival match with nearby Rochester who also plays at a nice new modernized venue Sahlen's stadium.
Got a little off subject but promoting rivalry games as the Impact has done when TFC visits should be somehting that the CFL and other pro sports leagues should be looking to do.

I can't see MLS expanding further in Canada. Soccer is a big participation sport here but isnt really a spectator sport. Toronto FC did well for a couple of years and Montreal has had a few big crowds but I don't see anything happening outside the big 3 cities despite any rumblings in Ottawa or Edmonton. Just not enough interest in it or, more importantly, money available.

I would much agree with Edmonton staying in the NASL tier II with the lack of an MLS soccer specific 25K stadium and moving from foote to the smaller and older clarke in one year.
Ottawa and the OSEG are targeting a move to the MLS much like what Montreal did with the already pre planned seating addition to the capacity of20K when the move to the MLS was on the board.
The OSEG actually applied to the MLS first but the MLS passed do largely to the fact of the stadiums uncertainty. Now with the stadium being ready for the 2014 seasonand meets the MLS stadium wanted specification that Ottawa will make the move at the right time.

I knew Melnyk - the Senators owner - was supposedly after an MLS franchise and wanted the city to pay for his stadium. Didn't know that OSEG was trying for a franchise as well.

What is it, $40 mill franchise fee now for the MLS? Now sure how good the American TV money is or if they would need to get monies from expansion fees to help owners recoup that type of money. Lot of money for a soccer team in North America.

Hard to fathom but MLS franchise fees are currently set at a minimum $50 million, while the proposed 2nd team in New York will cost a whopping $100 million!

and there are quite a few investors and municipalities willing to pay and/or subsidize these fees, including EPL’s Manchester City owner.

Sacramento, Miami, Orlando, New York, Pittsburgh, Tampa, have all expressed interest in joining the league which has expanded with rapid ferocity in recent years, even though most teams remain in the red. (unlike the CFL where the majority are profitable)

and the CFL is asking a mere $7 million for CFL membership.


Not surprised their membership fee is so high, they are pulling in a lot of money. Soccer and the MLS have huge potential, it's an up and coming sport. A younger demographic with millions of kids playing it. The CFL attracts an older "baby boomer" demographic and its' getting older, it's a male Viagara advertising type crowd. While soccer is younger, more hip, more fashionable, more females and more families etc.
The pay per view European/English soccer channels available on cable/satellite are raking in a lot of money.

The Impact moved up from the NASL to the MLS, Ottawa getting an NASL franchise, it's all about the future. The Impact drew the largest sporting crowd in Canada last year, over 62,000 at the big Owe against LA. Big crowd when TFC payed LA and the Liverpool "friendly"
If you are an owner you have to look at the potential - a CFL team has over 42 payers and a dozen coaches and plays only 18 games a year. A soccer team has around 20 players a couple of coaches and can play over twice as many games a year.

The MLS/NASL teams can rake in big bucks when they play the top world teams in the summer "Friendlies". No chance that the Super Bowl champs will pay a "friendly" against a CFL team.
It's not surprising that the new Ottawa CFL franchise has added an NASL franchise, it will probably bring in more money than the CFL team.

If CFL teams "use" pro soccer to help get stadiums built and contribute to profits for the CFL teams owners, I'm all for it! The two sports mesh well of course since they play on basically the same pitch and no question soccer should continue to become more a spectator sport in NA with all the immigrants here and more people playing the sport for whatever reason. A win-win.

I find it interesting and a bit sad that the CFL is compared by some people (mikem you do this continually) to other sports (world wide sports in some cases --soccer) with bigger TV contracts , much much bigger populations wih less competition ( ie Europe) for the sports entertainment dollar , bigger corporate sponserships etc etc . ------It's like comparing apples to oranges , the CFL is Canadian and will always be Canadian only-- in a country with a 35,000,000 population base (with a changing face/demographic) , not a 350,000,000 population base or even bigger if Europe is considered -------We who follow our sport accept the fact that it is what it is and we love it regardless . --Whether it comes in behind soccer or hockey or baseball or tidlywinks in $$ or attendance or corporate sponserships makes no difference to us who love it and support it with our hearts and wallets . We have new stadiums coming , we have a new TV contract coming , we have two teams losing money but we have 6 making money , we have the most watched event yearly on canadian television and is there doubt in anyones mind, especially those who attend GC week, that we have the best yearly party ,barring none. (including the Super Bowl)------once again, it is what it is -----and we who support and love it, don't give a didly poop about unfair comparisons. Oskie wee wee

[b]Mikem wrote: Not surprised their membership fee is so high, they are pulling in a lot of money[/b]
revenue does not necessarily equate to profit, as indicative of the MLS in which most teams lose money. Profit is critical for long term survival.
[b]Mikem wrote: If you are an owner you have to look at the potential - a CFL team has over 42 players and a dozen coaches and plays only 18 games a year. A soccer team has around 20 players a couple of coaches and can play over twice as many games a year.[/b]
and yet most CFL teams are profitable regardless of the number of staff. Most sports owners will not absorb losses indefinitely no matter the league.

To reiterate, revenue and profit are not mutually exclusive in many cases.

Success in any company derives from the bottom line, not the top line.

My guess is European big clubs are interested in the MLS and investing as the more soccer fans in NA, the more people here will watch European soccer on television which is good for ratings for them and hence more advertising dollars. In a similar vein as to how the NFL supported the CFL with a loan way back, the more football fans the more chance they will want to watch and keep interested in football. A crossover effect of some degree perhaps.

I was talking about CFL football, but you tend to jump all over everything to prove everyone wrong for some strange reason :roll: