Immigrant day

With all the new people living and coming to TO from all different parts of the wolrd, parts that have no idea of our game,would a promotion to get new citizens into the seats and to learn the game not help for the future?

For sure, I have always said the the pre-season game should not be part of the season ticket package instead it should be given away to kids from around the GTA. Even new immigrants as a welcome to Canada present. This city is huge and there are lots of potential fans.

I am a "till death parts us" Rider fan, but first and foremost, I am a CFL fan. The league needs a strong franchise in TO. When I lived in Brantford, I went to a lot of games in Toronto and loved the experience of watching the CFL there, even if at times there were less than 15,000 fans there. If I may be so bold to say, I loved going to watch games in Hamilton too.

But can someone answer this question for me please, if they are able? I have been to TO and southern Ontario numerous times in my life and at parties and social functions, whenever I bring up the Argos with folks from TO, I usually get in response "Like, I'm more of a NFL fan myself, like..." (Oh Yuk). I have even heard with my very own ears some folks from TO say that if it was not for the CFL, TO would get that conveted NFL franchise, with them actually blaming the CFL for TO's lost opportunity to greatness, actually wanting the CFL to fail because they think that will speed up TO getting a NFL franchise. (double Oh YuK) What is it with these types? I honestly have met dozens of folks who claim to be "like more of a NFL fan myself" and not a single CFL fan. Why? What is it with some TO folks who slam the CFL and follow the NFL instead when they have a great product right there for them to enjoy? I just do not get it.

With new citizens... it takes a generation to become fully "Canadianised." Both my parents are from Europe and neither of them cared less about Canada's sports and culture. They were too interested in pursuing the dream of making money and enjoying the economic benefits that Canada offered them. It took the next generation in my family to get into what it means to be Canadian, including its sports and culture.

I think the best way to promote the Argos is to get a good football team on the field, to have players who make the TSN highlites on the sports reports. It may take another Doug Flutie and Rocket Ismael. But the salary cap all but prevents any team from attracting and keeping a marque player right now.

It's really really sad that so many folks from Toronto are ashamed of the CFL. I live almost right smack in between Toronto & Ottawa & everywhere I go finding a CFL fan is next to impossible. I'm always yammering on about Canadian football & most people give me the same response as you get Oxbow... "Oh, I watch the NFL". Even at Argo games I've heard guys yell "let's go Buffalo!" It's like some go out to the games just to get hammered & make fun of the CFL. Honestly, the crowds in Ottawa were smaller when I used to go, but the fans were more die-hard. I never sat next to some loud mouths who spent the game complaining about it. Luckily I have a few people I can talk football with... My wife is a die-hard fan, my Dad is a fan, my Tivo watches every game with me & I can always come to this forum to read what other fans have to say. Anyways... I think I'm off topic... I think that every new Canadian should be handed a 4-pack of tickets & a t-shirt for the closest CFL team to them. I'm not sure, but I get the impression that this type of thing isn't an issue out west... I've been to Regina & people bleed green there.

I know a number of people who watch both leagues. I will watch NFL myself, but only after Grey Cup is done.
From what I can tell, most of the people I know who prefer NFL to the point of bashing the CFL do so because of the weekly pools and tailgating. So.....gambling and alcohol seem to be at the root of it. Those things may be fun, but I would caution against basing the enjoyment of a sport n it. People really can have strange priorities at times. :?

You're right most people that bash the CFL aren't football fans, they just like drinking and gambling. I know people that were Cowboy fans one year, Bucs fan the next, Patriots then following year and then are Saints fans. It's funny I grew up in the late 1980's and 1990's I think I saw one person in Toronto wearing a Saint hat, last season I couldn't believe all the people hearing wearing Saint stuff.

Ah, yes, Toronto...the land of the bandwagon jumpers. When the Argos, Blue Jays and the rest have good teams, they have no scarcity of support. The rest of the time, it's "the Blue who?" and "F*** the Argos". If the Leafs look they might be even in contention for a playoff spot (if anyone can remember those days), they are looked at as the collective second coming. As it is, many fans go back into the closet, but stay faithful.....still a form of bandwagon jumping.
Toronto fans can be a funny group of folks.

I think that would benefit the team and league, not sure about toronto's ethnic background but I know those islands in the pacific play games similar to rugby and usually become football fans when they come here.

I see the same and I live in Belleville, I do however wear my Argo gear all the time.

However I work part-time at a local timmys to pay for rent while in school, I've seen Ticat and Rider gear. Seen the same at loyalist college, some stamps stuff and even a dude wearing an Argo Jersey once!