imagine this defence next season!

Wow. We should all just collectively genuflect each time you post.

Ok Canadianfootball fan you spend more time patting yourself on the back then making any valid points. Two words for you speed matter and you really need to get over yourself.I like Daly in many ways as I think he’s smart and has a high football IQ and he took a big step forward last year as he was taking charge of the D right from training camp on and improved his tackling. I think he is a great guy on and off the field and his confidence and leadership went through the roof. I think his weaknesses are that he gets beaten one on one too often and he is no ball hawk and I hate to say is very slow and that was exploited quite often last year both in trying to catch up to or stay with receivers and not getting to the qb quick enough. I don’t think he could catch a cold.

I think Austin and Orlondo are very good judges of talent
and they chose Courtney over Daly 2 years in a row. I think courtney is a better cover man and ball hawk and he is much faster than Daly and that helps when helping a db or catching up to player as well as blitzing the qb. Courtney put on some meat and inproved his tackling with excellent special teams play last year.

The fact that Orlondo has started him at cb shows he can read offences and receivers routes and play good man to man. I can’t see Orlondo and Washington not going back to Courtney. Daly is still a decent safety overall as I agree speed is not that important at safety but it sure doesn’t hurt.
I 'd like too see both back as they both plaiy well on special teams and both are great teamates as you didn’t see Courtney complain or sulk after losing his job he had for two years and he went on to improve his overall game and was maybe our best special teams player.

Courtney is a talented and versatile DB for sure, but he obviously doesn’t have the football IQ of Daly. Think of how good Daly’s football IQ must be if he starts over a more athletic player.

He obviously still has things to learn, but his tackling has really improved as Gerbear mentions.

The main key to S is knowing where to be at the snap. This is also the best way to compensate for less athletic ability.

You have no clue. And you are about to be schooled. Both Daly and Stephen are not the answer at safety. What we need is a smart athletic international that can bust up plays. Correct me if I’m wrong but I doubt you can.

Once again is that your opinion great one?? Lmao

So what’s your “opinion?? LMAO???
At least the Canadianfootballfan seems knowledgeable and well thought out.

What have you contributed as thoughtful? Nada.

So what starting International do we drop and replace with a National and a backup?

Weakest part of the pass defense was his area , susceptible the entire year, burned repeatedly…
But Glanville, of course, did nothing to fix it. So is it the scheme or the player (s) ?
Glanville is gone so we might get an answer.

Yup. There were many deep balls where he seemed to mistime his pass breakup attempt resulting in a TD. If you are the last guy back then you can’t over-commit like that unless you are 100% sure that you will make the play. Otherwise let the receiver catch the ball and wrap him up to minimize the yardage.

Maybe Daly learned something from last year.

You need to help the defensive backs, half backs and safety with a consistent pass rush. That’s something that never really materialized last year. Hopefully the scheme or an upgrade at DE and DT with change the lack of pass rush.

It is practically guaranteed that Orlondo and Washington will improve the pass rush.

I couldn’t agree more. It was the biggest hole in our D last year and a big part of Orlondos scheme relys on it. Not familiar enough with Washingtons style in BC but Orlondos bend dont break style should be what we see for the most part this year in Hamilton. Do we have the horses in the barn for more pressure on the QB?


You got it Jack ! Henley was fleet of foot but not a big guy or big hitter . Garney was the best safety the Cats ever had .

Daly is a good safety and we just re-signed him because we like what he’s doing back there . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy who believes in good Canadian talent)

I think our main priority should be improving our pass rush with a good rush end. FA preference in order

Willie Jefferson
J’Gared Davis

Not sure about the other DE: I would try to go with National Jamal Westerman with a renegotiated contract in the 150 k range . Mcgeogh can be the backup as Tracy and Cappiciotti supplied zero pass rush and have worn out their welcome.

Teddy Laurent mans a national ST spot and we need an upgrade at Import DT over Neil likely coming from a training camp competition. We just signed Whitlock so I imagine he will get some time here but likely not full time as he is a super special teams beast and May get some reps at FB and I think he could fill in at DE in case of an in game injury.

We might not be able to sign both Lawrence and Dean. The 3 ex BC Defensive guys may lobby for BC FA Micawe Awe. I hope we can sign Unamba at SAM but it’s quite possible we can’t. If we can’t we have a beast of a SAM in Chris Frey from Michigan State ( check him out on youtube )or we could give national Jackson Bennett a shot to be a ratio buster as he looked good at SAM last year in a few games and in pre season as well as excellent specialty teams play.

We could also see Orlondo’s buddy FA Rico Murray return at SAM or any DB spot. Alot hinges on whether Breaux goes to the NFL or signs here. I know he is loyal to Hamilton as long as we cough up 200k. Let’s cross our fingers he stays.

The 3 ex BC defensive coaches will no doubt lobby for a few of the BC FA DB"s in Orange, Lee, Rose and Peters. I expect Freddie Williams and Josh Johnson to be in the mix but I am not sure about Leonard.

I feel Orlondo will re-instate Courtney as the starting safety as he was for two years when Coach O was our DC. Courtney put on some beef last year and was hitting harder and tackling better and was a special teams beast. Kudos to Courtney for not complaining over losing his starting spot to Daly last year.

There could be teams that see him as a starter as well but we can always go back to Daly if the bidding for Courtney goes to high.

I think Courtney would like to stay in the area being from Brampton and Toronto has a decent safety as does Ottawa so wee could get a bit of a hometown discount.
I am excited to see what impact the new dline anf linebackers
from BC will have on our D as they both have a wealth of experience and should hit the ground running with former BC DC Mark Washngton. Having Orlondo overlooking also helps.